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Creative power house: Creativity training for growth and success!

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It's a unique creativity training module, much beyond simple brainstorming and creating charts on the paper. In this workshop we will learn to use our deeper creative potential.
Are you ready to get to the next level!

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Creative power house: Creativity training for growth and success!

  1. 1. What’s Creative Power House?• A full day hands-on training session for developing idea generation skills.• You will learn through creating 100’s of ideas yourself.• Inspiring case studies which will reveal the secrets of the creative geniuses.
  2. 2. • You will learn theActual skills and secretsused by creative geniuses for profitable and powerful ideas!
  3. 3. Benefits • After this workshop, you will have Your own idea creation systemcustomized for your job, projects, life situations. • You will be able to create ideas for new products, projects and creative communication campaigns. • You can Add immense value To your team and the organization with profitable ideas.
  4. 4. Who should attend?This programme is highly recommended for: • CEO’s /Business owners • Project leaders • Trainers • Engineers • Brand managers /planners • Creative professionals • Content developers
  5. 5. The Trainer• This unique programme is created by creativity expert Puneet Bhatnagar.• An acclaimed creative professional with more than 20 yrs of experience.• Credited with campaigns worth multi crores for the best brands in the country.• He has trained: CEO’s to Combat soldiers, engineers to fashion designers, marketing managers to news anchors!• Learning from him is a creative experience in itself.
  6. 6. Other details Fees: 4800 /- Venue: Tunga Regale,MIDC, Andheri (e) Mumbai
  7. 7. Make a commitment to your own creative growth! Enroll today! Call: 09820003092 Mail: punito@thecreativitymission.com