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Lake Macquarie 3D printing by Anj Barnett

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This presentation was part of the Makers, Craftivists and Public Libraries seminar held at the State Library of NSW, 6 May 2015.

This described how Lake Macquarie Library is using 3D printing with their community.

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Lake Macquarie 3D printing by Anj Barnett

  1. 1. 3D Printing – the how, what and why
  2. 2. Where are we? • Surrounded by beautiful beaches, mountains and the ocean, the city of Lake Macquarie is located 2 hours north of Sydney, 30 minutes from Newcastle, and 60 minutes from Hunter Wine Country and the NSW Central Coast. • Population has exceeded 200,000, which represents 37% of the Lower Hunter’s population. It is the fourth most populous city in NSW, and the eighth most populous city in Australia
  3. 3. Who are we? • 10 branches plus mobile library • 61 000 active members • 732 184 visits • Over 1 million page views across library.lakemac.com.au and history.lakemac.com.au • 2002 programs presented and attended by 28 203 people • New Cardiff Library opened in 2014, renovations planned for Speers Point Library in 2015, concept plans for new Morisset Library developed
  4. 4. Why 3D printing? • To provide opportunities to our community that may not be readily available • Opportunity to demonstrate to our customers that we are responsive and innovative • Opportunity for staff to acquire a new skill set and deliver contemporary programming.
  5. 5. What? What printer did we buy? • 3D-Up
  6. 6. How? Get staff on board • Find your champions • Communicate early and often for other team members • Plan and program in consultation with staff
  7. 7. How? Address risk • Safety for staff and customers • Risk to reputation • Illegal use
  8. 8. How? Promotion • Promote to stakeholders who have a community profile • Media releases • Social media and website • Keep it topical
  9. 9. Who? Who’s using our 3D printer? Everyone! • Local manufacturers in Cardiff who prefer to make a plastic model before casting in final version in more expensive material • Kids who want to print Minecraft characters • Hobbyists who build furniture for doll houses • Cake decorators who want a stiletto cake topper • People who have a broken component in their juicer and replacement part is too expensive…
  10. 10. Where to from here? • Second printer • Outreach • More programming
  11. 11. Was it worth it? Hi Ladies, You might remember that my son Bradley came and printed off a bunch of 3D models for his HSC D & T project last year. Just letting you know that he got a Band 6 (top marks) for his work – so thank you very much for your help. Sincerely (dad) (email to Cardiff Library staff 08 January 2015)