church ministry apostle prophet leadership worship repentance love faith holiness jesus christ integrity character warfare deliverance evangelist new covenant disciple teacher holy spirit judgment discernment death hell heaven christ frustration sin praise prophetess salvation obedience maturity prophetic spiritual christ-like victory angels spiritual warfare lucifer resurrection second coming parousia messiah service vision speech tongue god prophetcy conflict disagreement anger covenant dispensations time divine appointment destiny call laying on of hands impartation anointing altar stress management christian assembly fellowship bible study employee engagement courting marriage dating courtship spiritual maturity prophecy satan fasting prayer evangelism soul-winning bishop deacon pastor elder paul apostolic peter mentor "spiritual father" unity christian "body of christ" chosen remnant elect afterlife offering perfection hypocrisy false teachers disappointment temptation holy ghost revival spirit soul mind imaginations apostle prophet prophetess hands anointing ordinat baptism dance singing shouting forgiveness mercy grace godliness calling
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