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Priyanka cv

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• A dynamic professional with 4+ years of relevant experience in performing Automation and Manual Testing on Web/Windowns based Applictions.
• Experience on Agile and Scrum (Iterative) model for Testing of Software products.
• Involved in all phases of the Software Testing Life Cycle and SDLC, and Strong working knowledge of Software Testing (Functional, Integration, System, Regression and User Acceptance Testing).
• Experience in developing Automation using Selenium Web Driver, cucumber, selenium IDE and Manual Test Cases, Test Plans, Test Execution, Defect Tracking, and Report Generation using JIRA based on functional specifications.

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Priyanka cv

  1. 1. PRIYANKA 07455802802 priya.tech@yahoo.com PROFILE  A dynamic professional with 4+ years of relevant experience in performing Automation and Manual Testing on Web/Windowns based Applictions.  Experience on Agile and Scrum (Iterative) model for Testing of Software products.  Involvedinall phasesof the Software TestingLife Cycle and SDLC, and Strongworkingknowledgeof Software Testing(Functional,Integration,System,RegressionandUserAcceptance Testing).  Experience indevelopingAutomationusingSeleniumWebDriver,cucumber,seleniumIDEand Manual TestCases,TestPlans,TestExecution,DefectTracking,andReportGenerationusing JIRAbasedon functional specifications. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY  ISTQB/ISEB Certified professional  4+ years of experience in Manual and Automation Testing on different OS/platforms.  Proficiency in Agile based development model.  Strongworkingknowledgeof Software testing (System Testing) and involved in Software Development Life Cycle by covering all phases of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).  Expertise increatingManual TestCases,Test Plans, Test Execution,Defect Finding and Defect Reporting by using JIRA tool based on Functional Specifications.  Experience inAgileScrumand BDD developmentwithcreating cucumberfeature filesandimplementing them Selenium/Web driver using Java.  Experience inwritingfeature fileswithscenariosusing Gherkinlanguage and implementing automation scripts using Java.  Experience in using Selenium Web Driver, Selenium IDE for writing automated test scripts.  Expertise in GUI, Functional, Regression and UAT testing in Web based Application.  Detecting bugs and classifying them based on severity and priority.  In depth knowledge on Project Management and Test Management tool like TCMS, Bugzilla and JIRA.  Participating and contributing equally while working in a group for projects with an approach of understanding the entire project from every group member’s point of view.  Proficiency in programming Languages like JAVA, Sql, C#, HTML, CSS and Asp.net.  Enthusiastic to learn quickly and adapt to new technology.
  2. 2.  An effective communicatorwithexceptional relationship management skills with the abilitytorelate topeople atanylevel of businessandmanagementandexcellent team building abilities CERTIFICATIONS  ISTQB – ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level.  Certification in software testing.  Certification in Asp.net. TECHNICAL SKILL SET Operating Systems Windows 7/98/2000/XP, Unix. Programming Languages C#, .Net, Java, SQL., c# Bug Reporting Tools Bugzilla, JIRA System analysis & Design Agile (Scrum, kanban, BDD). Software Applications MS Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point). Web Development HTML, CSS. Scripting Languages VB Script, Java Script Integrated Development Tools Eclipse, Visual Studio 2010 Testing Tools Selenium Web Driver, Selenium IDE, Cucumber ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS  Bachelors of Engineering and Technology in Computer Science from INDIA PROJECTS HANDLED Project 1 : Human Resource Management system Oct 2016 – Till date Client : British Telecom Role : Test Analyst HRM-aimsat providingtrouble-free computerizedsystemformaintainingstaff information.This systemisvery userfriendly,where people withverylittle computerknowledgecanalsouse itwith minimumtraining.The main featuresare - designedinverysimpleEnglish,self-explanatorypopup. Roles& Responsibilities:  Analyzing the Business rules document and the user acceptance criteria for the user scenarios.  Responsible for creating the test cases and perform GUI testing along with test case documents and requirements cases to achieve 100% test coverage of the test requirements.  Manually tested the application functionality, Black Box, Regression, Functional, Smoke and System Testing and developed Automation test scripts to perform regression testing.  Performbrowsercompatibilitytestingof webapplicationagainstdifferentbrowsersandtheirversions. IE, Firefox, Safari,Google Chrome,etc.  Involved in generating automated scripts using Selenium Web-driver for Regression testing and integrated to Quality Centre.
  3. 3.  Proficiency in identifying of the GUI objects/locaters using Firepath and Firebug.  Responsible for creation and execution of automated test scripts, reporting test results and working closely with project team members on issue resolution and process optimization.  Involved in creation of automation framework using selenium, BDD design and writing the scenarios in Gherkins Language.  Good Knowledge and experience of building and maintaining a Selenium Regression test suite.  Assisted in planning Sprint meeting and Sprint retrospective. Peer review of test Requirements, and Test Scripts Execute automated scripts in eclipse IDE using Selenium Web Driver with JUnit.  Test websites built using JAVA, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Project 2 : Alprus May 2014 – May 2016 Client : Sarna technologies Role : Test Analyst Roles & Responsibilities:  Involved in Sanity, Functional, UAT and Regression Testing.  Involved in generating automated scripts using Selenium IDE and Selenium Web-driver for Regression testing.  Expertise on identifying GUI objects/locaters using XPath and Firebug.  Reporting test results and working closely with project team members on issue resolution and process optimization.  Worked closely with the software development team and business team in testing software for all phases of the development cycle from early (and potentially undocumented) drafts to final release.  For testability and to ensure consistency with software features and performance, reviewed user stories and software documentation.  Involved in creation of automation framework using selenium web driver and JUnit.  Participated and be an active contributor in daily scrum meetings, requirements/story review meetings and preparing release notes for each sprint.  Highlight to Test Manager and the Scrum master about issues that can or impacting the test phase.  Performed data driven tests to make sure application is responding properly for all varieties of data.  Performed for Cross browser testing on different operating systems to verify the compatibility of the application on operating systems like windows 2000, Windows 2003 , XP, Vista, Mac to support different Web Browsers like Internet Explorer ,Firefox , Chrome.  Performed retesting and regression testing after fixing the bugs
  4. 4.  Raise defects,andensure thatthey are followed through their own life-cycle through to successful re-test and closure.  Reporting and tracking of the bugs using bug-tracking tool Bugzilla. Project 3: AT&T (SQA) June 2012 – April 2014 Client : AT&T (Techmahindra) Role : Quality Analyst Roles& Responsibilities:  PerformedSystem,compatibility,integrationandregressiontestingforreleasesof new features  Creationof testdocumentation,suchastestschedule,testplanandtest scriptsfromdesign documentation.  Creationsof automatedacceptance scriptsfor developers.  Attendedscrumstand-upstocommunicate testingprocedures/results.  Assistedinthe estimationof testingtask.  Testeddevelopedsystemwithagoodknowledge of the systemfunctionality.  Carriedoutmanual functional testingof the websites.  Make suggestionstoimprove testingpractices.  AttendedClientcallswithbusinessanalystanddevelopers.  Raise defects,andensure thattheyare followedthroughtheirownlife-cyclethroughtosuccessful re- testand closure.  TestedContentmanagementsystemsandrecordeddefectfound inbugtrackingtool called Bugzilla.  Testedfrontendapplications.  Reportedtestmatrix to Projectcoordinatorona weekly basis.  Carriedoutrisk basedtesting,exploratorytesting etctoimprove testcoverage.  Adheredstrictlytodevelopment,documentationandrelease managementprocedures.  Testedthe websitesonmultiple browsersandondifferentversionsi.e.IE,Safari,Firefox andOpera  Made sure the applicationsadheresuserrequirementsandguidelines. Project 4 : Siemens Aug 2011- May 2012 Client : Siemens (Alliance-InfoTech) Role : Developer Roles & Responsibilities:  Experience indevelopingwebbasedapplicationandwebservicesin MicrosoftVisual StudiousingC# .NET 4.0, ASP .NET, ADO .NetandSQL Server2014.  Experience inwebservices, AJAX,HTML and Java Script, CSS.  Experience in SQLServerDatabase,developingSQLqueries,storedproceduresandtriggersusingSQL Server2014.
  5. 5.  Experience indebugginganapplication.  Effective inworkingindependentlyandcollaborativelyinteams. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  References will be available upon request.