valuation premises valuation methods old vs new income tax regime contents of valuation report valuation approaches valuation methodology business valuation tds on business perquisites tds 194r liquidation value participants specific value market value fair value valuation base forced sale orderly liquidation habu highest and best use intrinsic valuation model contingent valuation model relative valuation model bases of value valuation approach gst invoice non supply negative list taxable person taxable supply supply convertibility of indian ruppee floating exchange rate fixed exchange rate balance of payment bop forex and economy forex market exim policy export house export foreign trade in india world bank imf wto trade barriers ind as tax planning on capital gains exemption from capital gains capital gain tax holiday for startups tax planning for startups formation of a company lifting of corporate veil separate legal entity subsidiary company holding company private company public company types of compay nature of company company future value present value time value of money dta dtl additional depreciation depreciation aggregation of income set off and carry forward of losses types of mncs growth of mncs mncs risks of international business benefits of international business international marketing international business international trade income from house property tax evasion tax management tax avoidance tax planning signing of audit report disclaimer of opinion adverse report qualified report unmodified report modified report audit report of a company audit report power of auditor duties of auditor qualification of auditor company audit company accounts process of winding up preferential payment winding up circumstances winding up corporate social responsibility schedule vii of companies act 2013 csr ca prithvi ranjan parhi minutes corporate meetings chairman quorum corporate meeting
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