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Green Home Upgrades

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green home upgrades to save you money

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Green Home Upgrades

  1. 1. Green Home Upgrades That Will Actually Save You Money Energy experts call them “low-hanging fruit.” They are energy-saving upgrades that offer outstanding ROI. Here’s a by-the-numbers look at some of the best green home improvements that will put money back in your pocket within two years: 75-80% Energy saved by switching from incandescent to LED bulbs 18-24 MONTHS Time needed for a programmable thermostat to pay for itself 6-10% Monthly hot water bill savings from lowering your water heater temperature setting from 140 degrees to 120 degrees F 20-30% Amount of heating and cooling energy lost due to leaky ducts (Duct sealing is an inexpensive DIY fix.) $2,200 Lifetime water bill savings from installing a WaterSense-labeled low-flow toilet ($110 per year) 10-50% Monthly savings on heating and cooling after adding insulation, such as spray polyurethane foam, to your home 1Year Payback time for hot water pipe insulation (DIY) $303 Average annual energy savings for air sealing and weatherizing a cold-climate, wood-framed home 4-10 MONTHS Payback period for adding an insulated water heater blanket to an older water heater 2 MONTHS Payback period for an automatic rain sensor installed on an irrigation system using 30,000 gallons per month