microgrid smart grid microgrid control fuzzy logic distribution generation smartgrid challenges and issues of smartgrid tertiary control neural network control filters microgrid protection power quality improvement robust controller active power filter electric vehicle secondary control primary control islanding to grid connected mode of operation distributed generation load shedding distributed control power quality problems droop control distributed generators energy storage systems optimization pmu research methodology process guidelines power filter harmonic elimination demand side management challenges presentation differential protection xor fuzzy sets membership function protection in smart grid energy management system and panels dealing with the smart grid open transition synchronization approach resynchronization with grid wams pdc maximum power tracking maximum power point tracking load management distribution system demand response programs droop control strategies ac microgrid control power quality wind turbine energy storage energy storage devices evolutionary computation de power electronics application dg integration protection renewable energy factors of problem necessity of problem procedure for formulation significance of problem importance of research problem problem formulation research problem general procedure tips project writing thesis writing project preparation thesis preparation phd final defence phd viva power point presentation slide preparatiion ppt preparation effective presetation slideshare talk significance of research metho objectives of research etholog introduction to research metho research methology research mistakes in students life process of learning learning process education and training ph.d. student teaching student learning inspiration power management demand side response information system power system optimization information technology power plant virtual power plant vpp electric vehicles harmonics elimination harmonics filter mathematical morphology multilevel inverter reduced switch mli harmonic elinination instantaneous power theory shunt filters series filters primary control secondary control frequency control voltage control power control power mangement robust control application to microgrid ac-dc microgrid dc microgrid challenges and issues of microgrid planning and design challenges control challenges protection challenges role of a faculty reaching profession faculty technical teacher technical education learning methods education ph.d presentation slides m. tech presentation slides ph.d slides ppt distance protection reconnection fault detection power system appplication differential evolution code de optimization de algorithm matlab code for de evolutionary hebb and logic gate or logic gate hebb network neuron mc-culloch-pitts neuron and or mamdani rule binary fuzzy relations fuzzy cartesian product fuzzy relations crisp relation extension principle fuzzy composition max-average compositional rules max-product compositional rules max-min compositional rule fuzzy compositional rules operators interpretation of fuzzy rules fuzzy implications fuzzy rules fuzzy operation not oracle composite membership functions intensification dilation concentration linguistic hedges defuzzify defuzzification mamdani fis sugeno fis fuzzification fuzzify fuzzy inference systems fuzzy operations disjunction union negation complement intersection demorgan's laws fuzzy identities basic fuzzy operators fuzzy operators fuzzy terminology basic fuzzy logic definitions fuzzy logic example type 2 fuzzy type 1 fuzzy computing hard computing soft computing hierarchical control fast load sharing optimum energy management decentralized control centralized control state of charge (soc) hybrid ess distributed ess aggregated ess energy storage system real time measurement control in smart grid wams applications real time unit data concentrator phasor measurement units wam phasor measurement rtu scada wide area control wide area protection wide-area monitoring mpt maximum power extraction maximum power control hill-climb search control optimal torque control power signal feedback control tip speed ratio control maximum power point wind generating systems mpp mppt trade organisations market organisations forums for the smart grid technical consortia standards developing organizations (sdos) iec standards ieee standards microgrid controller standards specifications for microgrid specifications for smart grid standards for microgrid standards for smart grid standards utility grid disconnection utility grid connection isolated microgrid passive synchronization active synchronization synchronization criteria transition between modes of operation autonomous to grid connected mode of operation grid to autonomous mode of operation grid to islanding mode of operation transition re-connection synchronization re synchronization characteristics of energy storage systems energy storage device application comparison between energy storage device superconducting magnetic energy storage pumped hydro compressed air flywheel ultra-capacitor super-capacitor battery capacitor offshore wind turbines distributed wind power coefficient of wind turbine wind speed curve betz limit pitch control active stall control passive stall control wind turbine characteristics wind turbine components cloud computing vs bigdata grid computing vs cloud computing hybrid cloud private cloud public cloud types of cloud computing iaas paas saas challenges in using cloud computing drivers for cloud computing cloud computing characteristics cloud computing architecture features of cloud computing communication technology service models deployment models cloud computing for smart grid communication architecture ban han wan nan wlan wimax power line communication cellular network plcc ami zigbee measurement technology communications technology component based approaches measurement based approaches complex load model composite load models types of load models frequency dependent model exponential model distribution generation planning model identification static models dynamic models load modelling adaptive control i&c technique incremental conductance technique p&o technique p&o method bypass diode perturbation and observation technique solar array parameters double model diode single model diode photovoltaic pv solar hybrid method knowledge based method impedance measurement travelling wave transmission system fault location methods fault location techniques fault location fault types power balance shutdown brownouts blackouts load adjustment load disconnection load curtailment load cut signal processing techniques smart grid application signal transform transform signal processing energy management demand response demand response management islanding mode control power sharing control power sharing facts devices for power quality power quality in microgrid power quality in smart grid power quality solutions power quality issues power quality events distribution side load flow backward and forward backward forward power flow analysis load flow for radial distribution system power flow forward backward sweep method forward and backward method load flow analysis v/f control p/q control control issues with dg integration inverter control modes microgrid control modes microgrid stability induction generator pm synchronous generator full scale power converter based wind turbine partial scale power converter based wind turbine limited variable speed wind generator fixed speed wind turbine pmsg dfig wind generator high voltage transmission system voltage source converter based hvdc system vsc-hvdc high voltage dc transmission hvdc distribution generation integration dg integration planning distribution system planning distribution generation system distributed generators integration ess dg dgs distribution energy storage smart microgrid ga genetic algorithm multiobjective optimization pso particle swarm optimization anti-islanding islanding detection islanding facts types facts applications facts devices facts controller facts flexible ac transmission systems protection planning solutions for mictogrid protection challenges of microgrid protection issues of microgrid protection protection schemes micro grid wind power solar power
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