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Prajwal Rao
C-103, Silver Space Apartment • Vishal Nagar •Pune
CELL (+91)8097255381• E-MAIL praju34@gmail.com
Date Pramod Gandugade
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Prajwal CV

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Prajwal CV

  1. 1. Prajwal Rao C-103, Silver Space Apartment • Vishal Nagar •Pune CELL (+91)8097255381• E-MAIL praju34@gmail.com CARREER To work in a healthy, innovative and challenging environment extracting the OBJECTIVE best out of me, which is conducive to learn and grow at professional as well as personal level thereby directing my future endeavors as an asset to the organization. PROFILE Total 1 year 1month of experience in Networking. Core member of SOC-IP operation team. Hands on experience on Cisco, Juniper and Alcatel-Lucent routers and switches for Configuration of MPLS VPN and IIL network. EDUCATION Bachelor of Engineering Electronics and Telecommunications SIES GST College of Engineering Passing Year, 2014 EXPERIENCE TATA Communications: (JAN 2015 to till date) as “Network Associate” Member of CMSOC team, responsible for non-commercial change request. QoS configuration, implementing routing protocols, DHCP, debug tools etc on Cisco, Juniper and Alcatel-Lucent routers. PE & CE configuration. Processing changes request for customer regarding network/configuration Changes Troubleshooting routing and configuration problem for customer SKILLS CCNA RNS & SP, CCNP RNS, MPLS. PERSONAL Prajwal Harish Rao DETAILS DOB: 3rd April 1992 Permanent Address 207,b-wing,himgiri apartment Lokgram, kalyan(east) Known Languages English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada Marital Status Single ACHEVIEMENTS Won Two SOC-STAR Awards in DEC 2015 & JAN 2016 at TATA Communications DECLARATION I hereby declare that all the information is above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  2. 2. Date Pramod Gandugade