bms bachelor in management studies advance computer network advance computer networks erp user connectivity x.75 internetworking protocol acn theory of operations e-crm crm e-scm atm signaling atm adaptation layer atm layer bisdn reference model why atm faces of atm concept need and benefit introducing atm technology advantages configuration hardware format architecture transmission hierarchy defining data communication needs advantages and drawbacks network layer functions mature packet switching protocols: itu recommendat ipv6 protocol introduction to tcp/ip: issues in ipv4 mature packet switching protocol enterprise resource planning bms enterprise resource planning electronic customer relationship management functional system supply chain management supply chain scm knowledge process outsourcing knowledge management kpo database management system database db dm dw data mining data warehouse data warehousing escm bachelor in management students software data science relu max pooling cnn rnn deep learning intserv integrated services - intserv optical networks: sonet/sdh standard computer network sdh sonet sonet/sdh optical networks rsvp integrated services integrated services and rsvp - protocol computer networks advance routing differentiated services mpsp internetworking protocol overlay models ip forwarding architecture ip forwarding group management protocol protocol internet group management protocol igmp - notes forouzan igmp
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