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Webinar: What's Next For Intranet Solutions?

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Are you ready for the future of modern Intranet solutions? Today's fast-paced business world requires a new kind of Intranet to keep up.

Understand the key elements that are driving the innovation in Intranet solutions as we uncover the top trends in this shifting marketplace. Including:
- Turnkey or Ready-To-Go Intranet
- Intranet as a Service
- Speed of Deployment
- Increased User Adoption
- Ongoing Innovation

In this powerful 45-minute session, Portal Solutions’ Daniel Cohen-Dumani and Jill Hannemann give you a quick rundown of Ready-To-Go Intranet solutions, with the main takeaways and recommendations.

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Webinar: What's Next For Intranet Solutions?

  1. 1. INTRANET SOLUTIONS TRENDS What’s Next For Intranet Solutions
  2. 2. Daniel Cohen-Dumani @dcohendumani SharePoint Visionary Founder and CEO 14+ years of SharePoint expertise Interests: productivity in the Digital Workplace. Work 2.0 Started working with SharePoint when nobody could spell it About Me
  3. 3. Jill Hannemann @JHCherryBlossom Editor, Digital Workplace Today Director of Advisory Services 10+ years in Knowledge Management SharePoint expertise: information architecture, records management, content migration, document management Culinary project: Perfecting my pizza dough recipe About Me
  4. 4. Agenda Intranet Essentials & Trends State Of The Turnkey Intranet Market Why Should You Choose A Turnkey Solution? Introducing OneWindow Workplace Demonstration Q&A
  5. 5. State Of The Turnkey Social Intranet Market 100s of cloud turnkey solutions non-Microsoft based New trends of turnkey intranets based on Microsoft SharePoint Emerging market of cloud based Intranets based on Office 365
  6. 6. Intranet Essentials: What drives employee engagement, productivity and adoption?
  7. 7. Tools & Forms Communication Departments Projects People Gateway Mobile Intranet Essentials “How do I…?” “What’s going on…?” “Don’t ask me, find it yourself…!” “What’s the status…?” “Who has worked on…?” “What’s the address for…?” “Access anywhere”
  8. 8. Intranet Trends 1. Simplicity, Ease of Use and Mobile access are key considerations 2. Intranet failed to realize value and are poorly adopted and they age quickly 3. Organizations have seen wave after wave of intranet failure, renewal, stagnancy and failure once again 4. Enterprises are looking for more for their next generation of intranets 5. Social" is a key driver for new intranet initiatives 6. Organizations are looking for rapid implementation of continuous improvements & innovation across an organization “Solutions with social and mobile capabilities are increasingly complex to develop, manage and maintain. The results of melding together content management, portal, advanced social technologies and disciplines are hard to predict” Sources - Intranet Futures 2015 – Digital Workplace Group - Gartner Group Research –Building the Boundless Intranet for a Digital Workplace
  9. 9. What Are We Hearing?
  10. 10. Poll - State of the Intranet Have you considered a turnkey intranet on Office 365? 1. I didn’t know this option was available 2. I am looking for the right fit 3. Turnkey is not for me, I need a custom solution 4. I am going to wait until Microsoft releases their NextGen Portals 5. I am considering and looking for the right turnkey solution
  11. 11. Why Should You Choose A Ready-To-Go Intranet Solution? 75% of organizations have the same core needs Organizations are looking for an evergreen managed solution that evolves overtime Remarkable user experience is the key to success Time and investment have always been a challenge for intranet initiatives
  12. 12. What Is OneWindow Workplace? OneWindow Workplace is an Intranet-as-a-Service solution that integrates the components of the Office 365 platform into a single digital Window and can be deployed in 80% less time that custom solutions. 5 years in the making backed by 12 years of SharePoint Intranet design and deployment expertise
  13. 13. OneWindow Workplace OneWindow Is Built On Office 365 And Microsoft Azure Available for Office 365 and SharePoint Hybrid environment OneWindow Yammer SharePoint Online Skype For Business Office Groups Office Graph Videos OneDrive for Business OneWindow APIs
  14. 14. Marketing/Communication • Communicate effectively with the organization using multiple channels • Improve peer to peer interactions • Monitor communication with metrics and analytics Information Technology • Reduce intranet maintenance and operational costs • Eliminate migration and upgrade • Improve project deployment velocity Human Resources • Provide employees with easy to find information and forms • Improve employment engagement End Users • Easy to use intranet platform • A great user experience available on any devices • Improved engagement Intranet Manager • Focus on content rather than technology • Provide a long term framework for more advanced solutions • Improve governance and reduce training needs Operations • Easy access to projects and artifacts • Centralization of content and access to system • Improve collaboration and communication • A platform for growth What Is The Impact To Your Business?
  15. 15. What Are The Benefits of OneWindow? Rapid deployment < 60 days Single digital window to your Office 365 content Available anywhere on any device Constant improvement roadmap driven by our customers
  16. 16. OneWindow - Key Features OneWindow: Do More Communities Projects Documents & Knowledge Social News & Events People Tools: “Quick-Find” Panel “Drag & Tag” Document Upload
  17. 17. Demo
  18. 18. Home Page 1. Home page aggregates corporate- wide communications that includes enterprise social posts, company announcements, blogs and events. 2. Content is presented via tiles to make it easy to use on tablet or smart phone. 3. Users are able to manage the content that is viewed by using the Content Bar to see just want they want. 4. A collapsible panel allows the user to quickly go to communities or projects they have created. 1 2 3 4
  19. 19. 6 5 Quick-Find Panel 1. The Collapsible Quick-Find Panel allows the user to quickly access, regardless of page they are on, content specific to their jobs. 2. Access My Communities to go directly to existing community sites or create a new one. 3. Access My Projects to go directly to current projects. 4. Access My Tasks to view the most recent tasks. 5. Access My Recent Documents to view most recent docs. 6. Access My Places to view bookmarks to sites, tools inside or outside the organization. 4 3 1 2
  20. 20. “Drag & Tag” Document Upload 1. “Drag & Tag” functionality allows the user to upload a document by dragging it onto the screen. 2. Drop down menu is displayed for the user to select from a list of document types. 3. Search box allows user to quickly find the appropriate project or community to assign to the document. 4. Other optional descriptive data (metadata) can be easily applied to the document. 2 3 4
  21. 21. Communities 1. Creating a new Community only take a few minutes: 2. Add new members from you Outlook contacts list 3. Add keywords so that the community can be easily found by colleagues in search results. 4. Set permissions and other attributes of the community. 5. Click “Create Community” and a new site is automatically launched.
  22. 22. Communities 1. Community sites provide social feeds relevant to the sites purpose and community members. 2. Site member availability is displaying with click-to-contact capabilities. 3. The Content Bar can be used to manage views of content relevant to the community. • Documents • Events • Announcements • Tasks 1 2 3
  23. 23. Projects 1 1. Project Sites include access to project and client profiles. 2. Site member availability is displaying with click-to-contact capabilities. 3. Project sites provide social feeds relevant to the particular project and client. 4. Project summary information is displayed to provide quick status views. 5. The Content Bar can be used to manage views of content relevant to the project. 2 3 4 5
  24. 24. Documents & Knowledge 1. Tile display of documents alters dynamically as search criteria is entered. 2. Basic Search as well advanced refiners can be used to quickly narrow down the search. 3. Display “Ad” reminders help to reinforce behaviors and actions. 4. Tools and Apps focus on specific tasks such as new employee onboarding, or access project resources and training. 1 2 3 4
  25. 25. People 1. People Search allows the user to quickly sort by various criteria including functional area, skills or location. 2. Directory view provides a more traditional view of employee lists which may be more appropriate for smaller organizations. 1 2
  26. 26. People 1. Detailed People Profiles include details added by the users as well as corporate data accessible via integration with HR and Accounting/Financial systems. 2. Skills and Past Projects can be included to allow for skills- based searches of individuals. 1 2
  27. 27. Social 1. Social page provides a consolidated and easily sortable view of the user’s social feeds. 2. Quickly share an update at the top of the page, without having to log into the Yammer solution. 3. Tile view, ideally suited for mobile devices, provides an easy way to scan and read feeds without clicking on each individual feed. 1 2 3
  28. 28. News & Events 1. News & Events page aggregates in a single view the most relevant internal and external sources of information. 2. Internal sources include announcements and event notifications. 3. External sources can include Twitter feeds, blog posts and industry news. 4. Sorting and finding is easier with the drop down refiners at the top of the page. 1 2 3 4
  29. 29. Mobile Access OneWindow user interface is designed with mobile first strategy. 1. Full fidelity mobile access (Tablet, phone) 2. Responsive/adaptive user interface 3. Future mobile apps planned (Q4 2015) 1 2
  30. 30. How To Get Started Week 1 Week 2 Week 3-5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Define Configure Deploy Support A four to six weeks accelerated deployment to get you started quickly. Meet with your organization to define your needs and to setup preferences and options 1-2 weeks We configure your solution to meet your organization’s brand and information structure 2-4 weeks We deploy the solution in your Office 365 environment. Train users 1-2 weeks We will assist you with adoption, ongoing support and configuration (1 workshop per month)
  31. 31. What Do You Get With OneWindow Workplace? Experiences • News Center • Knowledge Center • People Directory • Workspaces • Search • Activity feeds Platform • Integration (Lync, Yammer, OneDrive, Office Graph, SharePoint) • Analytics and Personalization Access Anywhere • Responsive • Native applications (mobile, Windows 8)
  32. 32. Next Steps Join our waitlist for the next version of OneWindow Workplace. Coming Fall 2015! Click here to secure your spot. Don’t worry! Those waitlisted will get a free digital workplace assessment to see if OneWindow Workplace is the right fit.