biology entomology arthropoda biomedical immunology insects zoology biotechnology osmoregulation wild animal endocrine system animals immune reaction ecology icsi art ethology insecta developmental biology louis pasteur culture medium data mining database endangered species butterfly human endocrine system estrogens testosterone endocrine glands bioremediation biodegradation antibody antigen antibody blood corpuscles counting methods haematology sahli’s haemoglobinometer colorimeter neubauerchamber haematocrit erythrocyte sedimentation rate coulter counter pseudomonas phytoremediation nutrient cycle biogeochemical cycle carbon cycle nitrogen cycle nitrogen fixation ammonification nitrification sulfur cycle acid rain biodiversity conservation ecosystem diversity ecosystem hot spot genetic diversity species diversity iucn red data book habitat loss extinction threatened in situ conservation ex situ conservation assisted reproductive technology (art) infertility artificial insemination in vitro fertilization ivf zift embryo transfer gamete intrafallopian transfer zygote intrafallopian transfer gift intracytoplasmic sperm injection osmoregulation in birds and mammals salt glands kidney primary lymphoid organs secondary lymphoid organs lymphoid organs bone marrow thymus spleen lymph node malt galt flagella cilia protists animalia five kingdom classification protozoa biochemistry spread plate method pure culture medium pure culture technizue streak plate method microbiology rolling tube method candle jar method salt and water regulation in insects homeostasis malpighian tubules snow leopard panthera uncia iucn red book social organization in honey bees social organization in insects drone royal jelly waggle dance round dance pollinator apis respiration in terrestrial insects spiracles trachea trachial system tracheoles air sacs spectrophotometre uv-visible spectro photometer wing venation in insects apterigota insect-wings and it’s modification pterigota insect wing venation areas of the wing elytra hemielytra entomolog tegmina halteres scaly wings frenulum xylocopa carpenter bee hymenoptera macaca rhesus rehsus monkey social organization of monkeys primates old world monkey batesian mimicry aposematic danaus plexippus monarch butterfly intracytoplasmic sperm injection assisted reproductive techniques mesenteron proctodeum stomodeum digestive system of insect labial gland/salivary glands hypopharyngeal gland mandibular glands maxillary glands insect digestive system indian wild ass insect head wiggle dance bees social insects social organisation in insects iucn status sloth bear skewness probability biostatics culture media enrichment media selective media radio immuno assay diabetes somatostain carbohydrate metabolism fat metabolism islets of langerhans insulin pancreas exocrine system protein metabolism organogenesis of alimentry canal organogenesis respiration in insects radiations desiccation sterilization microbial growth control reproductive cycles hormones regulating female reproductive system mammary glands female internal genital organs female external genital organs female genital organs effector and memory cell trafficking naive lymphocyte recirculation lymphocyte trafficking extravasation chemokines cell adhesion molecules lymphocyte recirculation lemon butterfly lepidoptera coleoptera arthopoda buprestidae jewel beetle host- finding by blood- sucking and parasitic inse prey specificity and selection by predators food selection by phytophagous insects sensilla on the mouthparts sensory organs associated with feeding parasitic mode of nutrition predaceous insects mycetophagous insects phytophagous insects insect feeding mechanism clasper cerci spiracle cornicles median caudal filament pincers insect abdomen structure and modification insect abdomen delayed-type hypersensitivity (type iv) immune complex- mediated hypersensitivity (type ii antibody- mediated hypersensitivity (type ii) ige- mediated hypersensitivity (type i) hypersensitivity methods in hybridoma hat medium hybridoma pregesterons androgens reproduction cycle hormones thermal regulation immune response endocrine regulation lymphoid cell eosinophills basophills neutrophills monocytes cells of immune system myloid lineage granulocytic cell extra medullary haematopoiesis dendritic cell multipotent stem cell agranulocytes totipotent stem cell hemocytoblast extra medullary stem cell haematopoietic stem cell hematopoiesis. embryology genetic marking radioactive marker technique carbon particle marking technique vital staining technique artificial marking natural marking mapping technique fate map gelatin culture binomial distribution theoretical distribution types of distribution continuous probability distribution discrete probability distribution kurtosis protein complimentary bacteria secondary data primary data data collection data collection of data dolly animal cloning cloning cloning in mammals by nuclear transfer. iucn red list rajasthan gazella bennettii determination of chi – square test contingency table chi square test types of tumor types of cancer tumor cancer n.k.c.(natural killer cells) macrophages cells neutrophils cells defences cabbage butterfly sex disorders sex harmones sex organs human sex organs disorders relaxin progesterone ovary testes gonads storage excretion cryptonehry nitrogen excretion rectum/gut oenocytes labial gland malpighian tube types of excretory organs urate cells nehrocytes excretory organs excretion system elephant indian elephant man wildlife conflict agriculture ear earwig man wildlife conflict blue bull wild black buck light production by animals firefly fireflies luciferase luciferin biolumeniscence biomining microbial leaching bioleaching environment plastic pollution plastics water insect water bug water systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) rheumatoid arthritis pernicious anaemia multiple sclerosis hashimoto's disease grave's disease addison's disease myasthenia gravis autoimmune diseases autoimmune disorder respiration aquatic types of antibody dna rearrangment evolution microrganism side effects of antibiotic applications of antibiotic penicillin antibiotic disease aids ag ab reaction
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