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Plunet Summit 2018: With a Little Help from My Friends - The Plunet Support FAQ Track

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What does the Plunet support team actually do all day? What happens to my tickets once I’ve sent them? What are the most common issues faced by Plunet customers and how are they solved? And how can I successfully solve problems myself? Our support gurus Michael and Sylvester will answer these questions and many more exclusively on stage in the Plunet Support FAQ Track.

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Plunet Summit 2018: With a Little Help from My Friends - The Plunet Support FAQ Track

  1. 1. A little help goes a long way! • Who we are & how we work • Plunet & Security – are my files secure? • Outlook – what we’re aiming for
  2. 2. We’ve probably met through e-mail!
  3. 3. Details matter – how we work: Found new bug Reproduce behavior Fix bug Understand specific case Impact & application Steps to reproduce Commit fix Test fix Release fix 
  4. 4. We need to make sure our files are secure! How can we do that?
  5. 5. Plunet & Security: Are my files secure? I just encrypt my files so they are secure, right? Our translators can’t open files anymore: It says they’re encrypted? Our CAT tool cannot open files from Plunet anymore! The customer said they cannot open the deliverables
  6. 6. Plunet & Security: What is encyption?
  7. 7. Okay so now, what?
  8. 8. Plunet & Security: Aspects of security Knowledge Managed access Secure and monitored communication Integrated and secure application environment Secure IT infrastructure
  9. 9. Plunet & Security: The idea of files living in my environment
  10. 10. Plunet & Security: My files are secure!! • A secure IT infrastructure is key! • Control access and avoid files in transit (e-mail, IM etc.)! • Onboard customers and vendors onto your tools (TMS & CAT) Harddisk- and database encryption is just one of many options
  11. 11. Plunet Support: Outlook • Further expand auto-upgrade • »Central Point of Service« • Content for self guidance