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Plunet Summit 2018: Transcreation: Just Like Translation, Only More Expensive?

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What are the challenges and benefits of using Plunet for a transcreation business? James Bradley, Operations Director from Mother Tongue, will give some expert insights into the process of transcreation, who it is for and how it differs (or not!) from translation.

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Plunet Summit 2018: Transcreation: Just Like Translation, Only More Expensive?

  1. 1. Who are these Mother Tongue guys anyway?
  2. 2. What the MT? • Founded 1991 • By ad-agency types, for ad-agency types • Offices in London, Singapore and LA • Transcreation specialists
  3. 3. “Transcreation specialists”, huh? Sounds cool. Remind me what it means …
  4. 4. Transcreation? What that?
  5. 5. What not to do “Hallo Freunde” ≠ “Hello friends”
  6. 6. In practice Original TranscreationTranslation
  7. 7. Transcreation? What that? Translation • Focus on meaning: “What does the author want to say?” • Done by a translator • Is correct (or not) Transcreation • Focus on message: “What does the audience need to hear?” • Done by a writer • Feels right (or doesn’t) “Translation that doesn’t sound translated”
  8. 8. OK. And what do we need it for?
  9. 9. What you don’t need it for • Stuff that nobody reads • Stuff that only you will read • Stuff that people have to read
  10. 10. What you do need it for Stuff that you want people to read … • to attract their attention • to engage their emotions • to hold their interest
  11. 11. And the cost …?
  12. 12. Why we have to charge more It costs more because … • copywriters are more expensive • it takes more PM effort • clients spend more time talking about it
  13. 13. Why clients will pay more It’s worth more because … • it gets people to buy (in) • it shapes perceptions • a chain is only as strong as its weakest link
  14. 14. What’s Plunet got to do, got to do with it?
  15. 15. Reasons to be careful • Unique projects, unique prices/instructions • Divas ain’t so eager • Culture wars
  16. 16. Reasons to Plunet • Automate, integrate … and create • Different to other LSPs … but not that different • Helps us K.I.S.S. better