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Shape Your Future - Grow With Us

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Shape Your Future - Grow With Us

  1. 1. Shape your future Grow with us
  3. 3. WELCOME TO PIONEER INVESTMENTS This is our vision statement, it summarizes our aspirations and ambitions. I believe that the knowledge and passion of each and everyone of our people is key to our success in the market place. Our history began in 1928, when legendary investor, Philip L. Carret, founded the Pioneer Fund, now the third oldest mutual fund in the United States. While we evolve to keep pace with the changes in the marketplace, we are still true to our founder’s investment philosophy. It has allowed us to face with confidence the downturns and the different phases of the economic cycles over the last 85 years. Having the right people on board has always been core to our business strategy. This is why we continue to invest in the talent of today and tomorrow. We remain committed to attracting and developing the best people, those who are ready to make an impact from day one and play their part in growing our business over time. SANDRO PIERRI CEO Pioneer Investments OUR VISION “We are passionate about delivering consistent and superior investment solutions to our clients”.
  4. 4. WHO WE ARE Global: Pioneer Investments is a global asset manager, present in 27 countries and four continents. Our work environment is enriched by the contributions of nationals from 40 different countries. Knowledgeable: Knowledge is at the heart of everything we do. We have a long-standing tradition of research and strategic thinking that are committed to preserving and developing. Stimulating: We employ 2,000 people, including 330 investment experts with an average of 15 years industry experience. Our people come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have a broad range of interests but passion and intellectual curiosity is something they all have in common. Welcoming: We share a common sense of purpose and aim to foster a culture of inclusion, open to different perspectives, ideas and cultures. Ethical: Our culture is shaped by and reflected in our corporate values of Integrity, Commitment, Trust, Excellence and Customer Centricity. Our clientsʼ interests are central to our decisions and actions while a drive for excellence underpins everything we do. GLOBAL KNOWLEDGEABLE STIMULATING WELCOMING ETHICAL
  5. 5. Pioneer Investments offers an intellectually stimulating and welcoming work environment where everyone is afforded the opportunity to positively impact the business locally or globally. We encourage individual accountability, personal & professional development and ethical standards in order to be perceived as an outstanding asset manager in the market place.
  6. 6. REGIONS WESTERN EUROPE & LATIN AMERICA 1032 employees AUSTRIA & CEE 312 employees ASIA & MIDDLE EAST 122 employees UNITED STATES 557 employees *Source: Pioneer Investments as at 30 June 2013.
  7. 7. WHERE WE ARE Dublin London Boston Milan Singapore *Source: Pioneer Investments as at 30 June 2013. » Argentina » Australia » Austria » Bermuda » Bulgaria » China » Chile » Czech Republic » France » Germany » Holland » Hungary » Japan » India » Italy » Ireland » Luxembourg » Mexico » Poland » Romania » Singapore » Slovakia » Spain » Switzerland » Taiwan » United Kingdom » United States
  9. 9. WHAT WE DO AUM by Channel 46% Retail/Private Banking 29% Wholesale 25% Institutional We manage the money of retail, wholesale & institutional clients, investing it into a variety of asset classes. As at 30 June 2013 assets under management totaled €165/$216 billion. We translate our knowledge and understanding of the markets and of the relative value of assets into investment strategies aimed at growing and preserving our investors’ wealth. AUM by Geographical Division 66% Western Europe & Latam 21% US 10% Austria & CEE 3% Asia & Middle East Today we are among the top three players in three European countries in term of asset under mangement* and our parent company is UniCredit, a major financial institution with strong roots in 20 European countries. AUM by Asset Class 60% Fixed Income 19% Equity 17% Balanced & Flexible 2% Money Market 1% Alternative *AUM Data as at the end of June 2013. Poland’s source: Chamber of Fund and Asset Management (IZFiA), Italy’s source: Assogestioni. Austria’s source: Stretegic Insight.
  11. 11. WhAT we OFFER We offer a diverse range of investment solutions across both traditional and non-traditional asset classes, to address the different needs of all our clients. These include mutual funds, separately managed accounts, institutional strategies and retirement plans. Our Investment Capabilities Fixed Income Equity Absolute Return → Government Bond → Investment Grade → High Yield → Multi-Sector → Money Market → Tax-Exempt → European → U.S. → Emerging Markets → Global Thematic → Asia → Unconstrained → Multi-Strategy → Bond → Currencies → European Equity → Commodity → Fund of Funds Real Assets → Commodities Gold → Dynamic Real Assets Multi-Asset → Multi-Asset Funds → Fund of Funds → Protected → Asymmetric Payoff → AL M LDI Funds of Hedge Funds → iversified/ D Multi-Strategy → Specialised/Niche Our Investment Opportunities Mutual Funds Segregated and Managed Accounts Insurance Wrappers Institutional Strategies Dedicated Mandates Pension Funds Long-Term Retirement Funds Advisory Service Fiduciary Solutions
  13. 13. HOW we DO IT Our investment approach is based on the knowledge and passion of our investment professionals committed to finding valuable assets in the marketplace and turning them into compelling investment solutions. Over the years we have developed our investment process to ensure we can respond effectively to the opportunities and challenges of the different phases of the economic cycle while remaining faithful to our investment philosophy. This philosophy is based on the search for value, active risk taking and risk management which are the pillars of our investment process. Searching For Value → Experienced career analysts → Specialized by asset classes Active Risk Taking → Active Approach → High Conviction Assessing Risk → Portfolio Construction → Risk Budgeting Research Our team of career analysts focuses on understanding intrinsic asset value. Specialised by sector and asset class, they are also experienced investors, dedicated to finding compelling investment ideas. Portfolio Managers They are decision makers, their knowledge of the markets combined with our research drives them to have strong views on where best to invest and for how long. Risk Management Risk Management is core to the investment process. Monitoring the risk linked to each strategy is key to deciding which risks are worth taking in the best interest of our clients.
  14. 14. OUR PEOPLE VALERIA MAFFEI GIL HUDSON Investment Risk, Italy Finance, US I am based in Milan and I am part of the Investment Risk Management team. Risk Management is key to creating a bridge between clients and portfolio managers, delivering understandable solutions and breakdown analysis. Our clients need to understand how market risks will affect their performances: we disclose risk measures and set appropriate risk limits, constantly keeping them up to date. Working in Investment Risk is an intellectually stimulating and dynamic activity. Surrounded by smart, qualified and capable people, I feel I work in a ‘regenerating atmosphere’ where there is a constant stimulus to improve. In Pioneer Investments you are continuously given the possibility to learn something brand new, thanks to the contribution of everyone around you. I am based in Boston and responsible for Financial Planning Analysis. The individual working relationships that I’ve been able to cultivate over the past decade are invaluable and I treasure them. Many of us here at Pioneer Investments have had long tenured careers and it is a pleasure to watch people’s careers evolve and grow with their increased depth of experience. A global organization like Pioneer Investments offers so many opportunities for all of us. The ability to work with and get to know people from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures is extremely important and a valuable experience both on a professional and personal level.
  15. 15. “We are committed to attracting and developing the best people” Sandro Pierri CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
  16. 16. OUR PEOPLE NIALL DOOGAN KERI SULLIVAN Facility Management, Ireland Finance, US I am based in Dublin and I am responsible for the Office Services and Facilities. In my experience, the collective knowledge shared at all levels of the organisation fosters continual learning. Tapping into the sharing culture has enabled me to advance my career. In Pioneer Investments, there are no barriers to progress; input, training, and development are actively supported. This philosophy holds firm even in the event of mistakes, where the old adage “it’s only a mistake if you don’t learn from it” definitely applies. Having made my fair share its reassuring to know that there is a team of colleagues willing to help. After sixteen years of service, I am pleased to say that the Pioneer Investments work environment continues to offer a positive working experience; personally speaking this has led to a strong sense of belonging. I am based in Boston and I am part of Financial Planning Analysis team. Some key characteristics of Pioneer Investments that make it an ideal place to work are: Trust, Opportunity, Diversity. Pioneer Investments is the ideal sized organization to allow for job movement and growth, not too large to get lost and not too small to be stagnant. I have held multiple positions in Pioneer Investments in both IT and finance. This cross-functional knowledge has made me better at my job and a more valuable employee. Pioneer Investments people are extremely knowledgeable in their fields, very approachable and trustworthy. There is a general feeling of support and respect. Our company is a truly global and diverse organization. This leads to an environment of constant change and challenge as well as to professional and personal growth.
  17. 17. “Intellectual curiosity, focus and discipline are key traits of our people” MARIO BASTONI HEAD OF HUMAN RESOURCES
  18. 18. What you CAN EXPECT Work in a globally connected environment By joining our team, you will become an integral member of an organisation that spans the world. You can play your part, contributing to further develop our presence in growth markets or strengthening our position in established ones. Enhance your professional effectiveness and technical skills At Pioneer Investments you will have opportunity to develop your skills and experience thanks to cross border initiatives and increase your business critical knowledge through specialized training programs. We are committed to helping you reach your maximum potential. Gain a broader understanding of the business If you have an open and enquiring mind you will be able to take full advantage of our knowledge sharing culture. Our experts will help you develop your understanding of the various aspects of our business. Join a diverse team, where different perspectives are valued We promote an informal atmosphere where colleagues are encouraged to have their say, and are given the opportunity to shape their day-to-day work environment. Our local and global staff initiatives give you the chance to network, meet and interact with key people from all parts of the organisation. Benefit from a value system built on Integrity and Trust You will be joining a team of professionals who are fully aware of the important role they play as asset managers in safeguarding people's wealth over the long term. Maintaining the trust of our investors is core to our longevity and has contributed to our success over the last 85 years.