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  1. 1. ™ Master Plan Marketing™ MarketForce Strategies™ www.MarketForceStrategies.com MarketForce StrategiesTM is a business-improvement coaching firm specializing in the design of more effective business development strategies which accelerate revenue growth of established, small-to-medium sized businesses. Our structured coaching process and proprietary Master Plan MarketingTM workbook and templates refine their business practices to improve performance, attract more clients, and increase revenue, ultimately producing the content of a formal business development and marketing plan. MarketForce Strategies’TM collaborations with our clients yield customized growth strategies which incorporate proven business practices into the answers to four key questions which are critical to business success: 1. What are you selling . . . and it’s NOT your product or service? 2. Who should be buying your product or service? 3. Why should they buy from you and not from your competitors, or not at all? 4. How do you inspire them to buy what you sell? MarketForce Strategies’TM programs appeal to established professional services firms which:  Have sound business practices but are committed to increasing revenue; or  Struggle with executing a productive operational and revenue growth plan; or  Require both sound business practices and revenue growth. and  Have been operating for 3 or more years.  Employ 3 or more personnel.  Recognize that failure to grow is not an option.  Leaders possess the requisite 5 C’s1 1Committed, Confident, Compatible, Coachable, and Capable Concurrent with the customized creation of essential business growth strategies, MarketForce Strategies’TM one-on-one, face-to-face coaching programs also foster the critical leadership characteristics of focus, structure, and accountability, which are essential to the effective execution of those strategies. MarketForce Strategies’TM clients are included in our Business Resource Directory™2, a referral mechanism comprised of qualified client and non-client businesses that we offer as a resource to the business community. 2 A proprietary database of vetted organizations provided to the business community, which agree to be responsive, accountable, and professional in their interactions with all referrals. MarketForce StrategiesTM receives no, and prohibits any, financial incentive or reward for offering referrals. Peter Baldwin, Chief Business Coach & Managing Principal MarketForce StrategiesTM 703-200-0362 pbaldwin@MarketForceStrategies.com ™