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Austrian Transition to Open Access and Beyond

Talk given at Open Science Workshop-| Knowledge for All, 29th March in Lisbon

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Austrian Transition to Open Access and Beyond

  1. 1. Austrian Transition to Open Access and beyond Patrick Danowski
  2. 2. Austria 2012 • only a few Institutional Repositories (3) • FWF funds Hybrid OA publications • overall Austria not a strong OA player 
 • No discussion green vs. gold

  3. 3. • voluntary bottom up initiative • focus on moving Open Access forward 
 (with Open Science in mind) • 57 member institutions • different working groups
  4. 4. Source: 
  5. 5. “Since it is now technically possible,
 it is the intrinsic duty of public authorities to enforce the transition to full Open Access
 politically and financially.” Photo by Smithsonian Institution - http://flic.kr/p/4TsEcq
  6. 6. Goal 100% Gold OA in 
 2025 Photo by viafog - http://flic.kr/p/fbTUzo
  7. 7. Recommendations 1/2 • Reorganize publishing contracts • Support international cooperation • Introduce publication funds • Reorganize publication venues • Merging the publication infrastructure • Monitoring during implementation • Acknowledging Open Access / Open Science • Set targets for Open Science
  8. 8. Recommendations 2/2 • Introduce Open Access policy • Registration of repositories • Support self-archiving • Offer training programs
 • Opening the inventories • Provide start-up capital • Expand the scope of the copyright reform of 2015 • Create cost transparency
  9. 9. Introduce OA Policy No Information 2 No 6 In Planing 6 Yes 9 Information 
 from 23 project partners
 (eInfrastructure) • EU Network PASTEUR4OA says that FWF has one of the most effective OA policies of a public funder in Europe. • Austrian Court of Audit recently claims OA for all publicly funded research.
  10. 10. From 2020 onward, license agreements with publishers should be concluded in a manner that the research publications are automatically published OA. Photo by Gunnar Wrobel - http://flic.kr/p/qQTMa Reorganize publisher contracts
  11. 11. Reorganize publisher contracts In Negotiation: Wiley, Elsevier
  12. 12. From 2017 onward, all research and funding organizations in Austria should participate jointly in national and international initiatives that promote high- quality non-commercial publication models and infrastructures. Support international cooperation
  13. 13. Support international cooperation FWF ~ € 50.000 p.a.
 Univ Vienna / FWF $ 6.000 p.a. 
 consortium of 16 institutions € 34.500 p.a.
 consortium of 4 institutions € 30.000 p.a.
 Academy of Fine Arts / FWF € 17.500 p.a.
  14. 14. Openness is the normative pledge of science and scholarship.
 It is the precondition that research results can be replicated, verified, falsified and reused for scholarly as well as
 for practical applications. Photo by izillR - http://flic.kr/p/rskg2K
  15. 15. Towards Open Science • The strategy [..] should be developed into a full-fledged Open Science strategy from 2017 onward. • OANA plans to investigate Open Research Data, OER & future of scholary communication. Photo by mikebaird - http://flic.kr/p/5xMfmc
  16. 16. Together we can manage the transition to Open Access as base for Open Science patrick.danowski@ist.ac.at Photo by ccbarr - http://flic.kr/p/pDZkXa