department_of_finance university of dhaka pantho sarker fbs bangladesh faculty of business studies finance 20th batch f-308 strategic management f-408 mr. greeky portfolio management f-407 du sabbir ahmend f-406 f-204 f-107 hrm human resource management entrepreneurship f-306 f-310 auditing insurance industry usa monetary policy statement macroeconomics monetary policy management accounting managerial accounting f-409 al-amin ador mr saimum hossain saimum hossain cfa pallabi mam efficient portfolio construction id 20033 du finance bba 4th year 2nd semester corporate finance marketing descriptive statistics statistical tools statistics 1 business statistics use of stata application of stata stata null hypthesis hypothesis testing statistics two f-207 financial statement analysis and security valuatio fsav f401 bba 20th batch f-402 performance analysis bangladesh bank stress testing mutual trust bank icab aca ca fca accounting_fraud current asset- current liability management working capital management f-405 paint industry berger paints berger paints bangladesh limited case analysis case study wcm gsk bangladesh f-302 gsk asian project management entrepreneur entrepreneurship and project development feasibility analysis project develpment venture capital entrepreneurship & project development ob f-301 management conflict and negotiation organisational behaviour accounting fraud audit lou l. pai external auditors internal auditors ca firms aurther andersen kenneth l. lay jeffrey k. skilling enron comparative analysis comparative overview f-208 monetary policy in bangladesh gsk bangladesh ltd. international trade and finance tpp global economics trade unions international trade trans-pacific partnership anti-money laundering money laundering banking law terrorism financing central insurance company limited organization strucure corporate social responsibility csr impacts of eutrophication eutrophication process sources of eutrophication eutrophication bas bfrs ; financial statement analysis; dhaka ban
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