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Talking sports

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Talking sports

  1. 1. Talking sportsSIN Josep Comas i Solà 3rd of ESO
  2. 2.  What Olympic athletes do you know? What do you think this video is going to talk about?Let’s start!
  3. 3.  Who is she? What elements can you see in the background?Let’s start!
  4. 4. 1. What’s the name of the TV programme? 2. What’s the name of the athlete she is presenting? 3. What is this athlete famous for? a) Being the first handicapped athlete to compete in the regular Olympic Games. b) Being the slowest athlete in the world. c) Being the fastest athlete in the world. d) Being the athlete with the most gold medals in history. 4. What was his world record mark? 5. How many people are interviewed? 6. Which sports are mentioned in the video? 7. Which verb is highlighted?Action!
  5. 5. 1. What does buzz mean in the following sentence? “London, it’s a buzz around the world.” 2. What does to look forward to mean? Is it a special verb? 3. And you, what are you looking forward to? Write four examples! Example: “I am looking forward to meeting my friends at the weekend.”Finish line!
  6. 6. 4. How could you translate support in the sentence “I am looking forward to supporting the British athletes"? a) Suportar b) Donar suport c) Subornar d) Saltar 5. Imagine that you are Natalie, the reporter, and you have to interview a sportsperson, write an interview in pairs with, at least, four questions and four full answers: Example: What sport do you practise? When did you start practising this sport? When did you take your first competition?Finish line!