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Catalog ZEISS Victory V8 Rifle Scope | Optics Trade | 2014

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Catalog ZEISS Victory V8 Rifle Scope | Optics Trade | 2014


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Catalog ZEISS Victory V8 Rifle Scope | Optics Trade | 2014

  1. 1. /// VICTORY V8
  2. 2. Nothing demands greater versatility than hunting. You never know what hunting conditions you will find yourself in, so you constantly have to deal with new and unexpected situations. Whether on driven hunts where the game typically crosses the open area at short range and high speed, or in the mountains where hunting success often depends on a precise long-range shot, or during stand hunting when the quarry only appears with the last traces of light. As a result, both the hunter and equipment must exhibit top performance and flexibility at all times and in all situations. This is why we have built the best riflescope in the history of ZEISS: The VICTORY V8. This isn't just an empty claim – we have the evidence to prove it: With a maximum zoom and reticle adjustment range, brilliant optics and the best handling. There is no doubt about it – this is the ultimate all-purpose device for all distances and require- ments. The new VICTORY V8: By hunters, for hunters. THE MOMENT WHEN STATE OF THE ART OPTICS ACHIEVE VERSATILITY IN ANY SITUATION. THIS IS THE MOMENT WE WORK FOR.
  3. 3. ZEISS VICTORY® V8. THE ULTIMATE SUPER-ZOOM RIFLESCOPE. FOR ANY DISTANCE AND ANY SITUATION. /// VICTORY ZEISS. PIONEER SINCE 1846. � One riflescope for all hunting situations: Largest zoom range � For all distances: 36 mm medium scope with maximum reticle adjustment range � Outstanding image quality with 92 % light transmission: FL lenses, HT glass and extremely wide angle fields of view � Uniquely compact and elegant: State of the art optical concepts, ZEISS design � Comfortable, quiet and precise: Extremely fine illuminated dot with innovative and unique eyepiece-mounted control � Accurate aiming at any range: ASV LongRange bullet drop compensation with 100 clicks
  4. 4. The new ZEISS VICTORY V8 is the riflescope that all others in the world, will be measured against. It sets a new standard in the premium class with numerous hugely impressive innovations. From the driven hunt, stalking and stand hunting through to long- range shooting – the VICTORY V8 is always the best choice and provides impressive proof of its superiority: No other riflescope has ever demonstrated such flexibility and versatility. The main reason for this is the maximum zoom and reticle adjustment ranges. The VICTORY V8 gets its outstanding image quality and target resolution from the light transmission of 92 % (unrivalled in this class), FL lenses, HT glass and the extremely wide angle field of view. The ergonomics of the design also set new standards. The world's finest illuminated dot can be operated easily and precisely, while the short and compact design provides for perfect handling. The crowning feature of the new VICTORY V8 is the new ASV LongRange bullet drop compensation, which ensures maximum range thanks to the large adjustment potential. No matter what hunting situation you find yourself in: The VICTORY V8 always guarantees you absolute precision and perfection. The only true all-rounder. ZEISS VICTORY V8. THE BEST RIFLESCOPE BY ZEISS.
  5. 5. VICTORY V8 1.8–14 x 50, original size ASV LongRange bullet drop compensation: Accurate aiming at long distances. NEW There is one more reason why the VICTORY V8 is absolutely unri- valled: The ASV LongRange bullet drop compensation. The fact that the shooting distance is clearly displayed makes the ASV the most intuitive and therefore the most precise long-range shooting concept on the market. Thanks to the larger adjusting range with 100 clicks, it also allows you to maintain your aim even at long distances and is therefore of particular interest to long-range marksmen.
  6. 6. ZEISS VICTORY V8. MORE VERSATILE, PRECISE AND ELEGANT. (M) 1.8–14 x 50 This compact all-rounder is suitable for many applications and offers maximum accuracy at any distance. Relaxed viewing and intuitive targeting guarantee fast and reliable shots. The large zoom range (1.8–14 x) with parallax compensation makes this scope the ideal companion in any situation – from driven hunts to stalking and stand hunting in twilight. (M) 2.8–20 x 56 The reference model of the VICTORY V8 line. The magnification of up to 20 x, combined with the standard ASV LongRange bul- let drop compensation, the parallax compensation and the larger adjustment range, stands for ultimate long-range shooting abil- ity. With a transmission of 92 %, it also offers high light reserves into the night. In summary, it is the most precise and powerful riflescope by ZEISS. Choice of illuminated reticles depending on model Model Image plane 60 (M) 1.8–14 x 50 2 � (M) 2.8–20 x 56 2 � All VICTORY V8 models are equipped with LotuTec® technology and available with or without rail. The ASV LongRange is standard on the VICTORY V8 2.8–20 x 56 and available as an option on the 1.8–14 x 50. A side-adjustable ASV is avail­ able for all models as an option. You can find more information on our website at www.zeiss.com/sports-optics. Intuitive ease of operation and perfect ergonomics. Simple, fast and quiet operation defines the new standard of the VICTORY V8 riflescopes. The illuminated dot is activated with the multi-function knob and can be adjusted smoothly to the pre- vailing light conditions. Thanks to the intelligent motion sensors, not only is the battery life extended dramatically but the illumi- nated dot is also activated automatically when the rifle is raised for aiming. The ZEISS VICTORY V8 models are not available in all countries. For more information please contact your authorized ZEISS dealer.
  7. 7. TECHNICAL DATA. 1.8–14 x 50 2.8–20 x 56 Magnification 1,8 x 13,5 x 2,8 x 20 x Effective lens diameter 18,6 mm 50 mm 27,5 mm 56 mm Exit pupil diameter 10,3 mm 3,7 mm 9,9 mm 2,8 mm Twilight factor 5,1 26 7,9 33 Field of view at 100 m 23 m 3,1 m 15,5 m 2,1 m Objective viewing angle 13,1° 1,8° 8,9° 1,2° Diopter adjustment range −3,5/+2 dpt −3,5/+2 dpt Eye relief 95 mm 95 mm Size of illuminated dot at 100 m at max. magnification 0,5 cm 0,4 cm Parallax-free 50 m–∞ 50 m–∞ Square Adjustment range at 100 m (Height/Side) 310/200 cm 210/135 cm Adjustment per click at 100 m 1 cm 1 cm Centre tube diameter 36 mm 36 mm Eyepiece tube diameter 46 mm 46 mm Objective tube diameter 56 mm 62 mm Coating LotuTec LotuTec Nitrogen filling Yes Yes Water resistance 400 mbar 400 mbar Functional temperature range −25/+50 °C −25/+50 °C Length 343 mm 350 mm Weight without inner rail 680 g 830 g Weight without inner rail 700 g 850 g Order number – without inner rail – with inner rail 52 21 17 52 21 16 52 21 37 52 21 36 Illuminated reticle 60 – extremely small and bright illuminated dot. On all models, it is located in the 2nd image plane and keeps the reticle fine and constant across the entire magnification range – thus ensuring minimum target cover- age and noticeably higher aiming accuracy at long range. Technical notes: The design and scope of delivery related to technical developments may be subject to change. No liability for mistakes or printing errors.
  8. 8. Printed in Germany 03/2014, 2037-313 Learn more about our other products: www.zeiss.com/sports-optics THE MOMENT WHEN YOU ARE CLOSER TO NATURE THAN EVER BEFORE. THIS IS THE MOMENT WE WORK FOR.