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5 Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Is the checkout on your e-commerce website optimized to reduce abandonment? Check out these 5 simple tips to making the most out of your shopping cart.

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5 Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

  1. 1. 5 TIPS TO REDUCE SHOPPING CART ABANDONMENT 1 LIMIT DISTRACTIONS Remove outgoing links like header navigation and social footers, from checkout pages. Emphasize call-to-action buttons like “Next Step” or “Complete Order”, and optimize. 2 3 CHECKOUT CART SUMMARY Items Total Shipping Estimated Tax YOUR TOTAL: (3 items) $15.00 $4.50 $1.17 $20.67 Integrate cart functionality into your e-commerce store and display the cart throughout the browsing and checkout process. 3 SHIPPING PAYMENT REVIEW ORDER Enter Payment Information Billing Address Same as Shipping Address Cardholder Name 4 Address Card Number State Zip Code Security Code Secure Payment NEXT STEP 5 WIN TRUST Always use secure checkout, display security badges and SSL certificates, clearly list all charges including shipping, and make customer service information, product guarantees and return policies visible. SHOW STEPS Include breadcrumb navigation of the checkout process, using multiple short, above-the-fold pages instead of long scrolling forms, and offer check-out support along the way, such as live chat or customer service phone number. City Expiration * Tax, shipping costs and discounts will be applied during checkout. INCREASE CART VISIBILITY SIMPLIFY FORM FILLS Don’t force customer registration, ask only for the information needed to complete the order and auto-fill all possible fields. 2ON ONEUPWEB.COM 1.877.568.7477 INFO@ONEUPWEB.COM © 2013 Oneupweb, All Rights Reserved.