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Trend Report-Joubert. Knight.

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Trend Report-Joubert. Knight.

  1. 1. Trend Report Spring/Summer 2017 Athletica Haute Couture Olivia Joubert Jay Knight 1. Silhouettes and DesignDetails: Cardigan & Sweaters
  2. 2. The cardigan & sweater are one of the more favorable items of clothing in the athleisure trend. The term cozy is very well associated with the feeling of the clothing, the look and definitely the style. The Nike Dri-Fit line is being adopted by many consumers across the world especially runners and athletes. Many of these sweaters especially Nike Dri-Fit are made of a high performance polyester fabric that moves sweat away from the body and to the surface of the fabric which then evaporates.
  3. 3. Shirts & Blouses: The design of these silhouettes is used in high-performance and training wear and can be worn for many athletes in any sport. The shades of these shirts work really well for both knit and woven fabrics. Many of the trims and finishes of the shirts add a sort of sporty edge to the silhouette and are to establish an urban athletic feel. Also many of the shirts are worn and
  4. 4. meant to make the person wearing them very relaxed, comfortable and stylish. 2. Key Looks: Cardigans and sweaters: The cardigans and sweaters of this trend have a little bit different look than the rest of the articles of clothing. For sweaters/cardigan’s we predict a more simplistic look. This is where the modernist style comes into play. The sweaters and jackets tend to be neutral colors. The reasoning behind this is for the fashion followers could feel comfortable by toning down the more confident statement pieces. A great deal of inspiration would come from warm up outfits (example: sports teams). The goal here is to find multiple used for one sweater. The innovative technology of the fabric will create a sweater that you can wear to the gym, or run a 5K in. Shirts and Blouses:
  5. 5. For shirts and blouses expect to see risky and shorter cuts. The whole idea of the fitness movement is to be confident in your body. Expect to see long sleeve shirts with a lighter, breathable fabric. Bodycon shirts, bright colors, and transparent fabrics are also very common. The summer heat was kept in mind while predicting these trends. For men loose, sleeve less shirts will be popular. Also a lot two-piece set items, for example a crop top with a matching skirt or pant. This look was selected due to comfort but with a sleek look. The vibrant colors and sharp cuts make the shirts dressy and athletic. Active Wear
  6. 6. Many of the active wear for this trend are made of cotton, polyester. Polyester tricot is especially intertwined with the designs for this trend as seen in many of the joggers produced by major sport retailers such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma. It’s all about being comfortable with your active wear especially when working out, going for a run, or playing a sport. The fabrics are meant to intake your sweat that is produced by your body then released to the surface of the clothing while you are still looking stylish and comfortable while working out. Dress & Jumpsuits
  7. 7. Dress and Jumpsuits are adopted and favorably worn by many. The jumpsuits feature a polyester fabric made to keep you dry and comfortable. These jumpsuits typically hold mesh panels at the back yoke and inseams to offer breathability. Ergonomic seams to enhance your range of motion and also side zip pockets. Also an elastic waist with draws cords for a snug, adjustable fit. Accessories
  8. 8. Many accessories such as bags, gloves, and watches all hold different features but nevertheless are meant for comfortability and to assist you with anything you need during your workout. Many of the backpacks are lightweight, durable, and water resistant and meant to keep gear dry in wet conditions. The fit-bit does not just keep a watch on your calorie but also add some style to your outfit. The look is graphic and dynamic yet commercial. The retro reflective neon gloves light up during the night in order to give athletes elevated vision during dark nights of practice and working out.
  9. 9. 1. Key Colors The six colors for this season include Elephant, Nectarine, Oh Cyan, Dead Sea, Flamingo, and New Moon. This color palette will be part of the new trend because it is the perfect balance between edgy and minimalistic tones. The color palette was designed to be suitable for the fashion leaders and the more conservative groups. The bright colors can be used as accents to the greys, blacks, and whites on the designs to make each piece attention grabbing. The bright colored statement pieces can be toned down with darker outerwear. The color scheme is appropriate for spring/summer 2017 because of the wild, vibrant tones. The lighter colors follow the scheme of a tropical sunset, which can make consumers minds associate the bright colors with summer, while the black creates an glamorous feel.
  10. 10. 2. Fabrics/Materials: The fabrics and materials seen in this look all relate to innovative fibers. Throughout every key look the same materials are used. The materials are a blend of synthetic and natural fibers. The purpose of the fabrics is to be able to brace the elements. Most items are hydrophobic. The mesh style fabrics are used for temperature control. The fibers are designed to keep one feeling refreshed all day. Some of the fibers have anti-perspiring technology in which it requires less of a need to be washed. These fabrics are also known as ecofriendly, which is always a positive thing. . B. Promotions Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars has decided to launch an Athleisure line with well-known department store Kohl’s that offer many brand named clothing. Her collection features sports bras, graphic T’s, fashion tanks, and leggings from the price is $20-$50 dollars. The leggings feature adjustable waistbands that can be worn up high for more coverage or bolded down for a low-rise look. The leggings and sports bras are made from Wandertech,
  11. 11. which is a polyester-spandex blend with a 4-way stretch and sweat wicking. Other pieces of clothing within the line are made of French terry and cotton/rayon for maximum draping and comfort. http://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/shay-mitchell-kohls-launch- athleisure-10196238/ C. The potential of the trend This target market are independent working adults who try to balance their day spent in the office between their time spend at the gym. Initially the fashion leaders will be the most eager to try this new trend but quickly the sustainability, function, and durability while looking like something that was designed by Alexander McQueen, will catch on to a variety of groups. Retailers that will be most likely to take on this trend is Lulu lemon, BeBe, and Nike. These costumers are looking the next step in clothing innovation. We believe this will be a short=term trend rather than a fad due to the quality and multifunctional properties of the product lines. D. Map the trend For the trend of Athletica Haute couture there was a specific target market intended. The adopters of our trend include men and women between the ages of 20-38. The theory that can be applied to this trend would be the trickle across theory. The trickle across theory can be described as the popularity of a trend moving equally across multiple groups of people. The reasoning behind this theory is because different groups can adopt high
  12. 12. fashion athletic wear. Fitness is a activity that is widely common between many people. Buyers will be attracted to the innovative styles and technologies used. This gives the fashion world a glimpse of the future. The styles can be easily adapted. Because this trend is based of hybrids of athletic wear the styles can be move around categories, so basically there are many multifunctional pieces.
  13. 13. References: Mendina, M. (2015, August 3). Shay Mitchell, Kohl’s Launch Ath-leisure Line. Retrieved October 6, 2015. WGSN Fashion Trend Forecasting and Analysis.(2015). Retrieved October 16, 2015.