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Project "Design Center Promo21” Croatia

Regional Policy Dialogue Meeting “SMEs in a Green Economy”, 09 March 2018, Paris
Session 3, Goran Korac, "Project "Design Center Promo21”, Business area Logorište, Karlovac, Croatia

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Project "Design Center Promo21” Croatia

  1. 1. Project „Design Center Promo21” Businessarea Logorište, Karlovac, Croatia
  2. 2. Project “Design Center Promo21” islocated in thebusinessarea of Logorište, Karlovac in theRepublic of Croatia. Thisproject isoneof thefirst examplesof low-energy businessconstruction in Karlovac County.
  3. 3. Promo21 is a marketing agency of the new era that has been successfully doing business for 18 years and achieves high quality cooperation with renowned companies through its own projects and services, thereby showing professionalism and commitment in carrying out marketing business. We launched the project “Design Center Promo21”, three years ago, in order to realizeour vision. Promo21 team
  4. 4. Wearevery grateful for the important support that hasbeen provided by theCroatian Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Fund. The joint financing agreement wassigned for a sustainableconstruction project. "Building a LowEnergy BusinessBuilding" on 1. 4. 2016. Thevalueof thisproject is436.880,52 EUR, of which Fund hasjustified costsamount to of 192.178,88 EUR (theFund participateswith subsidy fundsin theamount of 153.743,11 EUR, representing 80%of theeligible costsof the project.)
  5. 5. CUBE Our businessbuilding isdesigned asa cube. Thisisa natural geometric shape, facing in all directions. It allowsfor freeand easy movement through itsspace. Architectshavebeen brilliantly following our initial idea and upgraded it to thefinest detail so wefinally got a simple, efficient and multifunctional space.
  6. 6. ENERGY EFFICIENCY Energy efficiency cannot be achieved unless you take into account of all the details. We have had great support from suppliers who have been following us from the design phase to the final completion. The details on our facility that were important for the A + class are: • the PHOROTHERM profi 30 cm brick, • 20 cm stone wool, • Rehau Geneo windows with Wurth fitting (a very important detail, hydro isolation), • LED lighting, • and complete engineering from air recuperation to the system heating and cooling. At Promo21 we wish to encourage everyone to become more energy efficient and this is reflected in both our new business building and our activities.
  7. 7. EDUCATIONAL COOPERATION AND PARTNERSHIPS Wehavepartnershipswith educational institutionsthat havegraphic design in their programs. Through creativeworkshops, professional seminarsand thematic lectureswithin theCenter, in cooperation with vocational teachers, we select studentswho showgreat potential for PROMO21 scholarships. Theoffical opening of theCentrewason 4th of July , 2017. All thepreconditionswererealised for the Design Center to beableto function asa design education platform both graphic and industrial.
  8. 8. Let'snowsee theshort video about theconstruction of the"Design Center Promo21"
  9. 9. And at theend   When someone is willing to invest in energy efficiency of their company, besides advice about certain technical aspects, he or she needs guidance about budgeting and financing.   We hope that this project will be an inspiration and motivation to fellow professionals, clients, students and young people. By meeting challenges and through new projects, we can together reduce harmful emissions and achieve global environmental goals. SAVE THE PLANET
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention.