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Performance Marketing 2017

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We provide a bespoke and intuitive recruitment service, delivered with in-depth knowledge of digital.

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Performance Marketing 2017

  1. 1. Media/ Technology/ Marketing& Analytics/ Creative Get in touch with us: Call 0203 728 2973 Email hello@spherelondon.co.uk Tweet @SphereDigRec Website www.spherelondon.co.uk Address Floor 5, Imperial House, 15–19 Kingsway, London WC2B 6UN Performance Marketing
  2. 2. Hello and welcome to the world of Sphere, an award winning digital recruitment agency working across the entire digital sphere. Our dynamic team draws from many years of experience unearthing tough-to-find digital talent and helping a business like yours grow. Our sectors • Media agencies Candidates we place Our awards • PPC • SEO • Social (biddable media) • Affiliate • Email/CRM
  3. 3. We know that the only way to deliver the best results is to apply a deep level of expertise to each of our markets. That’s why we have built a team who can bring a specialised, expert service to our fantastic client list. A client list we are hoping you will soon join. A small selection of our clients Our services Contract Permanent Graduate International Premium services Projects and teams interim Assignments Executive search
  4. 4. We provide a bespoke and intuitive service, delivered with in-depth knowledge of the digital and ecommerce market at every step. Our clients trust us to consistently deliver results beyond their expectations. Here’s what a few of them have to say about working with us. “Sphere is undoubtedly the best recruitment agency I've had the privilege to work with. Sphere’s tenacity, honesty and diligence in understanding both the businesses and sector they represent delivers mutually beneficial results.” ResolutionMedia, Groupdirector "Charlotte understands the kind of talent we need. Because of that she's been brilliant at servicing our business. She takes the time to listen to the candidates and gets what type of person we are looking for. She's swift at arranging things, gets to the point, is flexible in her approach and, last but not least, is a good laugh. I have been impressed by the calibre of candidates she has placed with us since she joined Sphere. She's a pleasure to work with and has a brilliant career in front of her." StarcomMediaVest, Talent Development andOperations Director “I’ve worked with Sphere since joining the business and am so glad we have them as part of our trusted suppliers… Sphere are a rarity – they genuinely care, manage to save us time, money and peace of mind but more importantly deliver and knows their markets inside-out.” Groupm, Headof talent "It’s always a pleasure working with Holly across the many and varied roles we challenge her to fill for us at MediaCom. She absolutely understands our business needs, but crucially the type of people we want to bring into the company. We need our recruitment team to be an extension of our ‘People First’ ethos and Holly absolutely embodies that in the way she talks to potential candidates about our approach making sure she really sets us apart in what is a very busy digital market. Holly is an integral part of our recruitment team" MediaCom, Headof PaidSocial