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Streamdata 2017

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Streamdata 2017 service introduction

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Streamdata 2017

  1. 1. COVER Streaming APIs (madeeasy)
  2. 2. static UX real time U.X. Enhanced UI this is animated, sorry if you watch a static version of this presentation ¯_( )_/¯
  3. 3. Real-Time = Real-Money For an electronic trading platform, being 10ms behind competitors can result in a 10% drop in revenues. With 100ms you might as well shut down TABB Group
  4. 4. Real-Time > F.O.M.O. state of mental or emotional strain caused by the fear of missing out; a compulsive concern that one might miss an opportunity or satisfying event.
  5. 5. The API Economy Use APIs to create apps Developers Providing access to the business assets APIs Consume data through web APIs Apps Increase revenue by using apps with business assets End Users 1 API in 2005 / 18.000 in 2017 Only 10% of all APIs (90% private) ProgrammableWeb Google: 5 B/day (2015) Xignite: 5 B/day (2017) API Calls Salesforce: 50% of $8.4B Expedia: 90% of $8.7B API Revenue Use APIs to create apps Developers Exposable enterprise services Business Assets
  6. 6. The Problem New Data Time New Data How to take the best out of the API economy when your data is time-sensitive? USELESS API CALLS 98% of API calls retrieve data the client already has SERVER CPU WASTE Up to 90% of the CPU power is used to perform useless tasks ServerClient 1. data request 2. response ServerClient API data is retrieved through polling. Polling doesn’t work in real time1. Totrytosticktoreality,clientsconstantlyhitthe APIfornewdata.It’sthePollingMadness.2. Studies show this pattern is inefficient and waste server and client resources3.
  7. 7. The Solution A scalable and secure proxy turning APIs into streams of real-time data. Clients no longer have to poll the API. Streamdata.io takes care of that and only pushes new data to the client as soon as it’ s available. API providers no longer need to build an infrastructure to handle pollings. Streamdata.io polls the API and distribute data to millions of clients
  8. 8. Features Server Push Say goodbye to the polling madness Incremental Updates Only new data is sent to you Dynamic Cache Data is available anytime and anywhere to anyone Analytics & Reporting Performance and consumption insights Charge users based on data vendor rules Industry Standards HTTP, JSON, SSE, OAuth, TLS Speed One-way latency vs polling U.I displays up to 20x faster
  9. 9. Benefits User Satisfaction No more API rate limitation. No more frustration. Real-Time U.I. Better engagement and retention. Dwell time increase up to 200% (x3) Scalability Don’t build infrastructure and don’t worry. We can serve millions of clients. Growing Revenue Real-time data streaming generates new lines of revenue. Predictable Costs Pay-as-you-grow. No bad surprise. No hidden cost. Time to Market 1 day to production vs. 12 months to build a streaming backbone.
  10. 10. 10 API Provider Provide a streaming version of your API to your most demanding customers Streaming per month $999 Starter Medium-sized Large $x $xx $xxx per month per month per month Our great API Discover our plans Activity on API Revenue Increased revenue Reduced Cost Increased user satisfaction (no limit, real-time, push) Starter Medium-sized Large $x $xx $xxx per month per month per month Streaming per month $XXX Our great API Discover our plans Activity on API Revenue
  11. 11. Machine Learning Platform Predictive Analysis Event-driven A.I. Build intraday from 18,000 public APIs Social networks feeds Market data Alternative data "By 2020, 50% of organizations managing APIs will incorporate event-driven APIs in their architecture. » Gartner, 2017
  12. 12. Cost Efficiency Monthly Costs without with API servers $4,000 $400 API network $3,000 $300 Streamdata.io $0 $3,000 Total API Cost $7,000 $3,700 Case study of investment app with 1B. API hits/month Casestudyofbuildingandrunningastreamingbackbone $0,00 $0,25 $0,50 $0,75 $1,00 $1,25 $1,50 $1,75 year 0 year 1 year 2 year 3 Millions Without Streamdata.io With Streamdata.io $1.400.000 for 24 months running $180.000 for 36 months running -87%
  13. 13. BROOK CREEK RIVER $75/month* $350/month* From $1000/month* Up to 100 M. messages /month Up to 500 M. messages /month Custom 1,000 concurrent connections max 5,000 concurrent connections max Custom Gold Support Response-time 72h Ticketing system Available business days and hours Gold Support Response-time 72h Ticketing system Available business days and hours 24 / 7 Monitoring Platinum Support Response-time 2h Ticketing system Available 24 / 7 24 / 7 Monitoring SaaS SaaS Pricing SaaS / Managed / On-Premises * Prices for annual plans * * Premium support upgrade for Spring and Creek plans available from $500/month
  14. 14. 14 Venture Clash 2016 Winner Viva Technology 2016 Data Award Benzinga 2016 Best-in-Class Solution H2020 European Union Funding for Research and Innovation 2016 Winner #execfintech 2016 Winner Awards
  15. 15. Partners & Clients
  16. 16. COVER www.streamdata.io Nicolas RIGAUD V.P. Marketing & Partners nicolas.rigaud@streamdata.io (475) 350-4138 Eric HORESNYI C.E.O. eric.horesnyi@streamdata.io (650) 360-2162