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Underground malware economy

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Describing how criminals are making money from malware they have written.

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Underground malware economy

  1. 1. UNDERGROUND MALWARE ECONOMY GUY NGONGANG, Digital Forensics and Incident response @malware28 @guy_hacker
  2. 2. Brain, the first computer virus was written by Basit and Amjad in 1986. Replacing the boot sector of a floppy disk with a copy of the virus
  3. 3. Ransomware, sign of infection
  4. 4. Wannacry has infected Deutsche Bahn in Germany. It had two components a ransomware and a worm propagating through the network using SMBv1 vulnerability
  5. 5. While navigating the dark web, found a website where you can buy and customise your ransomware. The malware‘s authors are taking 10% from the money paid on each infected computer.
  6. 6. nRansom, asking for Nudes
  7. 7. Fake Spectre and Meltdown Patch disguised as Smoke loader malware
  8. 8. Monero the open source cryptocurrency
  9. 9. Jackpotting, FAJIN-DIAZ ALBERTO FAJIN-DIAZ, 31, a citizen of Spain and ARGENYS RODRIGUEZ, 21, of Springfield were arrested on related state charges on January 27,2018.
  10. 10. Denis Zayev in Stavropol, Russia The scam was simple: after the malware was installed on the IT systems, a gas tank would be left empty on purpose so some of the fuel that customers bought would be diverted to the empty tank. Customers would get less fuel than they paid for, while employees resold the fuel collected in the empty tank.
  11. 11. Hancock Hospital Paid the ransom
  12. 12. Maersk Disaster Recovery time after being infected with NotPetya was 10 days