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Auditing Active Directory to Comply with State and Federal Regulations

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NetWrix Case Study

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Auditing Active Directory to Comply with State and Federal Regulations

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Auditing Active Directory to Comply with State and Federal Regulations “Our goal was to meet both State of Maine and Federal Security guidelines. NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter has met and exceeded our expectations.” Brian Desjardins, Network Architect, State of Maine Customer: State of Maine The State of Maine’s IT department is responsible for the delivery of Web Site: safe, secure and high-performing networks and systems that enable http://www.maine.gov the State and all State Agencies to best serve the State’s residents and Number of Users: 25,000 businesses. Industry: State Government Solution: Challenge: Auditing Active Directory to Comply with State and Change Auditing Federal Regulations Compliance In order to comply with both state government and federal auditing and Product: archiving guidelines, Maine’s IT department was burdened with the Active Directory Change Reporter task of auditing and reporting on all changes occurring within the entire Group Policy Change Reporter Active Directory environment. State and federal mandates required the IT department to know exactly who made what Active Directory changes, Vendor: when, where, but within an environment that delegated administrative rights NetWrix Corporation across several administrative boundaries, centralized enterprise change Phone: 888-638-9749 auditing was no simple task. Web Site: www.netwrix.com “We have a distributed organization with several administrative boundaries,” Customer Profile: said Desjardins. “Although we ‘contain’ Administrative Delegation, our The State of Maine is responsible mandates require that all will be audited for change processes that occur, and for providing all of its residents and we needed to audit exactly who was making what change, when and where.” businesses with effective, safe and quality public services and timely state “We found that multiple Microsoft tools were available, but they were and federal information. The state’s IT cumbersome, time consuming and less intuitive,” Desjardins added. department, in accordance with that “We then looked for third-party vendors to fill in the gap (such as Quest mission, is responsible for the delivery of safe, secure and high-performing ChangeAuditor), but found that many were cost-prohibitive or required networks and systems that enable the Microsoft Active Directory Schema Changes, complex installation, state and all State Agencies to best maintenance, or time-consuming attention.” serve the people of Maine.#1 for Change Auditing TM Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.Simple, Lightweight, Affordable
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer Case StudySolution: Cost-effective Active Directory existent. We have also enjoyed the top-notch serviceAuditing without Performance Impacts and and support that NetWrix has given us.”Infrastructure Changes Proven Results: Streamlined ComplianceThat is when the Desjardins and the State of Maine’s with State and Federal RegulationsIT department discovered NetWrix Active Directory “NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter hasChange Reporter, an automated Active Directory proven very effective in allowing the state governmentchange auditing solution that sends real-time alerts to have administrative oversight into Active Directoryand detailed Advanced Reports that show exactly changes, restore unwanted changes and proactivelywho makes what changes, when and where. The audit monitor for adverse behavior such as hacking orreports and alerts show modifications made to Active rogue administrators,” Desjardins said. “Simply put,Directory users, groups, computers, OUs, permissions, the product does what it’s supposed to, and requiresGroup Policy objects and settings, AD schema, and all low maintenance, provides transparent updates andother types of objects, giving the State of Maine’s IT upgrades and affordable pricing for the product, asdepartment the heightened IT infrastructure visibility it well as ongoing annual support and maintenanceneeds to comply with state and federal guidelines. costs.”“With NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter, we As a result, the State of Maine’s IT department nownow have a definitive way of auditing changes within audits and reports on all Active Directory changes withour Active Directory infrastructure, and can meet ease and efficiency, and maintains the IT infrastructurestate government and federal auditing and archiving visibility necessary to ensure compliance with all stateguidelines with ease.” and federal guidelines.Desjardins indicated that there were several features “I would definitely recommend Active Directorythat made NetWrix his #1 choice for Active Directory Change Reporter to state governments and otherchange auditing. organizations,” Desjardins said. “The product does“In addition to affordability, Active Directory Change exactly what it says it does, and I am very happy withReporter’s ease of installation, advanced reporting my decision to go with NetWrix.”and archiving functionality, and ability to revertunwanted changes, made NetWrix the clear choice About NetWrix Corporationfor us,” Desjardins said. “We liked the NetWrix Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationtool’s excellent reporting features and low bandwidth provides innovative and cost-effective solutionsconsumption, as well as the fact that it required no that simplify and automate the management ofinfrastructure changes.” Windows networks. With in-depth knowledge and“Deployment was quick (minutes) and went without experience managing Windows environments ofa hitch,” Desjardins added. “Our biggest concern all sizes, the company delivers solutions to meetwas load on our domain controllers and network complicated business requirements while fulfillinginfrastructure, but both concerns proved to be non- the best expectations of IT professionals. www.netwrix.com twitter.com/netwrix netwrix.com/LinkedIn youtube.com/NetWrix facebook.com/NetWrix spiceworks.com/NetWrix