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Google analytics by Neha Nayak

This ppt provides an overview of few features of Google Analytics

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Google analytics by Neha Nayak

  1. 1. What is Google Analytics • It is the most important part of an SEO. • It is a free online tool of Google used to track and report website traffic in detailed information. • It helps in tracking landing page quality and conversions (goals),sales activity, performance. Goals might include sales, lead generation, viewing a specific page, or downloading a particular file. • It helps improve a product or a brand’s engagement and clicks on homepage.
  2. 2. Advantages • It helps to see the most important analytics data • Find out which online campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions. • Determine where your best visitors are located • Learn what people are searching for on your site. • Visualize what people click on the most. • Uncover your top content • Identify your worst performing pages • Determine where people abandon the shopping cart (Through goals) • Discover if you need a mobile site.
  3. 3. What all do we check in Google Analytics • Real Time(We can check real time visitors on our website) • Audience(Whether we have reached the target audience) • Behavior (In which age group and behavior is it getting targeted) • Conversion(It is measured through the goals we set in according to our brand or product) • Acquisition(Which traffic channel is it targeted. For e.g social, direct sales or through any mediums) • And Many such more
  4. 4. Getting Started • Log in to https://analytics.google.com/ • Put in your gmail id and password and click on Admin followed by Add a New Property from the drop down.
  5. 5. You will land on this page
  6. 6. • When you enter all the details you will get the tracking id and code
  7. 7. We need to paste it into the head section of your page and upload it from Local Site to Remote Site through FTP Client(For e.g Filezilla)
  8. 8. Lets see how do we do it on a Blog • Firstly, click on admin to add a new • In this case, we are adding a blog into a new property
  9. 9. Then click on the drop down and select a new property
  10. 10. Enter all the details
  11. 11. Step 1 • Then click on get tracking id Step 2 • We would then get the Tracking ID and Tracking Code as shown in slide no.7 Note: • We don’t need to upload on the Remote Site
  12. 12. We need to then log in to our blogger and paste the Tracking ID
  13. 13. How do we check on Youtube video Firstly add a new property in Google analytics by clicking on admin Then click on my channel url on the new property Go through the same process and get the tracking id and code Log in to youtube account You can directly log in to https://www.youtube.com/advanced_settings Click on my channel Then click on settings followed by advanced settings Enter the Google analytics code
  14. 14. How to check FB post & Twitter tweets using Google Analytics Visit https://raventools.com/marketing- reports/google-analytics/url-builder/ The campaign term entered here is the main catching keyword. For e.g Food recipes, health fitness tips, digital marketing classes Copy the code generated and shorten the url Copy the url (which should have the tracking id and code mentioned inside the page) on fb post or twitter Track it into the Google Analytics whether if the page visited by the visitor on FB or twitter is shown on Google analytics
  15. 15. How to set a Goal in Google Analytics • A Goal is a particular achievement you want to achieve in your brand or a business. For e.g, I want a visitor to visit my enquiry page after logging in to my main page of the Website. The Enquiry page, in this case is called as Destination Goal. • It also includes what is called as an Event which is a type of goal wherein we set a category, action and a label. For e.g, we set a event called as Click where in I want to check how many clicks I get on particular targeted page i.e we set a event value to convert a goal to a conversion.
  16. 16. Getting started on how to set a Goal • Go to admin-click on the page on the drop down you need to select-then under the section All Website Data select Goal
  17. 17. Select a New Goal and Select Custom Under the Section Goal Set Up
  18. 18. Enter the Goal Description and select Destination
  19. 19. Enter the Goal details-You need to enter the url you want your visitor to get redirected-and if they do so We have achieved a New Goal
  20. 20. Getting Started on Creating an Event • Go to admin-click on the page on the drop down you need to select-then under the section All Website Data select Goal(Same step as in slide no.17) • You need to then select Custom under the Goal Section. • Only change here would be, we would select Event Under Goal Description
  21. 21. Enter the Goal Details
  22. 22. Then Visit the url https://raventools.com/gaconfig/google-analytics-event- tracking/affiliate-link/
  23. 23. We need to enter the same details as entered in the Goal Description
  24. 24. Further steps • The code would be then generated • Copy it to the notepad and edit the website url and the anchor text and paste it in the <body></body> (as it is an internal link) of the page. • Download it from Local Site to Remote Site through FTP Client(For e.g,Filezilla) • Then check into the Google Analytics section
  25. 25. How to Track what we have done on Google Analytics • For Tracking a Goal
  26. 26. • For Tracking an Event