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Vanilla fragrances 2009

  1. Vanilla Fragrances 2009
  2. Vanilla Insanity Vanilla Insanity fragrance is for those who are insanely in love with vanilla scents! Vanilla insanity begins with top notes of French vanilla and whipped cream butter; followed by middle notes of cotton candy, chestnuts, and maple sugar; all sitting on a dry down of vanilla beans.
  3. Vanilla Silk A warm luscious aroma of creamy vanilla.
  4. Vaniglia del Madagascar Fresh citrus accents open to reveal a classic floral accord at the heart of this exotic vanilla scent. Dramatic woody notes are carefully blended with hints of musk and sensual amber for a sensual effect. A robust Madagascar vanilla bean (the world's most expensive) characterizes the scent and creates a warm and lingering sweetness.
  5. Vanilla Musk The rich aroma of creamy French vanilla with warm white musk.
  6. Compare our Vanilla Lavender Type fragrance to the smell of Downy's Lavender Vanilla fabric softener. It is a relaxing and tranquil scent that is also unique and memorable. A well- rounded combination of fresh lavender, fresh vanilla beans, with orange zests and patchouli. Vanilla Lavender
  7. Angelica essential oil is considered a true luxury in the formulation of fine perfumes. We have done our very best to create a fragrance oil with the same aromatic characteristics. Angelica
  8. Angel Wings Angel Wings Fragrance Oil is a wonderful aroma embracing the softness of a new born baby and the creaminess of vanilla custard.
  9. Black Raspberry Vanilla An enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries, with middle notes of white floral greenery, and bottom notes of musk and vanilla.
  10. Buttercream The aroma of buttery, buttercream frosting with hints of vanilla.
  11. Buttercream Cupcake You've never smelled a buttercream cupcake fragrance like this one! This wonderful fragrance begins with top notes of churned whipped butter, blonde sugar cane; followed by middle notes of Madagascar vanilla and maple; well-rounded with a dry base note of vanilla extract. Beware to all dieters, this one will make you very hungry!
  12. French Vanilla Coffee A sugary, vanilla aroma with just the right amount of fresh brewed coffee.
  13. Orange Sherbet If you think Orange Clean makes your house smell clean and fresh, you wouldn't believe how wonderful this scent is! A very crisp, clean mandarin orange aroma with very faint hints of vanilla. One of the best scents we have ever smelled!
  14. Dreamsickle A refreshing iced orange popsicle with a creamy vanilla filling.
  15. Peaches & Cream A rich combination of fresh ripened peaches, buttercream, with base notes of creamy vanilla.
  16. Strawberries & Cream The aroma of fresh, juicy strawberries with just the right amount of creamy sweetened whipped cream.
  17. Angel Type Compare our Angel Type to Thierry Mugler’s Angel. Luscious rich top notes of lemon, raspberry, honeydew melon, black currants; with middle notes of jasmine, gardenia, and nutmeg; bottom notes of white chocolate, patchouli, musk, sandalwood, and patchouli. Very complex!
  18. Caramel A buttery, toffee caramel aroma that is simply mouth-watering!
  19. Crème Brulee The delightful aroma of creamy vanilla custard pudding drenched with creamy buttery caramel sauce!
  20. Frosted Lime Cupcake You are going to just love our Frosted Lime Cupcake fragrance! This fragrance begins with top notes of Persian lime and lemon zests; followed by middle notes of meringue; and well rounded with base notes of Royal vanilla icing and creamed cake. Amazing!
  21. Grandma’s Kitchen The aroma of rich, creamy vanilla with a touch of fresh ground cinnamon sticks.
  22. Jack Frost Just Chillin’ A crisp clean peppermint aroma with hints of vanilla bean.
  23. Lemon Squares The mouth-watering aroma of the famous lemon square dessert we all love so much. Lemon squares fragrance begins with top notes of lemon, pie crust, citrus peel, and aldehydic effervescent notes; followed by middle notes of butter and coconut; sitting on a base note of zesty vanilla.
  24. Pearamel Absolutely, hands-down, one of the strongest and most scrumptious scents you will ever smell! Pearamel fragrance begins with top notes of granny smith apples, pears, and black cherries; followed by middle notes of caramel and maple sugar; and rounded out with base notes of buttercream and vanilla. You will be amazed!
  25. Pomegranate Cream Pomegranate cream fragrance begins with top notes of lemon, pomegranate, grapefruit, and lime; followed by a middle note of cassis; sitting on a base note of Madagascar vanilla. OH this is soooo good!
  26. Raspberry cream Cupcake You are going to just love our Raspberry Cream Cupcake fragrance! This wonderful fragrance begins with top notes of fresh raspberries, pear, and apple ; followed by middle notes of Madagascar vanilla, blonde sugar cane, butter and maple; well-rounded with a dry base note of vanilla extract.
  27. Raspberry sorbet The aroma of ripened raspberries and peaches, with a fresh vanilla background.
  28. Tinsel A refreshing Christmas fragrance that blends pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries, with a subtle hint of fresh peppermint leaves and fresh vanilla.
  29. White Chocolate The aroma of creamy cocoa butter, marshmallow, meringue, white chocolate, and vanilla beans.
  30. Cake Bake The aroma of almond cake with a base note of melted butter.
  31. A warm vanilla candy with top notes of butter with a slight down of almond. Candy Corn
  32. A blend of fresh strawberry and French vanilla. Cotton Candy
  33. Sea Salt Caramels Sea salt caramels have become increasingly popular ever since Obama and Oprah declared this treat as their favorite candy. Sea salt caramels fragrance begins with top notes of sweetened creamed butter and sea salt; followed by middle notes of caramel; sitting on base notes of vanilla, maple, and sweetened condensed milk. Smells edible, unfortunately it is not.
  34. A rich, creamy vanilla base with notes of coconut, butter, with a hint of fresh baked. Coconut Cream Pie
  35. A warm aroma of sweet buttercream and raw cane sugar. Cream & Sugar
  36. Eggnog A creamy Christmas scent. This creamy eggnog has strong notes of buttercream vanilla, with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.
  37. French Vanilla A rich French vanilla aroma!
  38. Vanilla extract This vanilla is crisp and fresh, not buttery. Smells just like real vanilla extract.
  39. Mrs. Claus Cookies Mrs. Claus Cookies is the aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies with buttercream frosting, with fresh notes of vanilla extract. Possibly the best cookie fragrance we have ever smelled! Smells similar to Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath and Body Works.
  40. Sugar Cookies A warm butter cookie, with a background of vanilla.
  41. Christmas Cookies Smells just like a freshly-baked, buttery Christmas Cookie with frosting.
  42. Black Currant Vanilla Compare our Black Currant Vanilla Type fragrance oil to the smell of Black Currant from B&BW. A warm, oriental fusion of black currant, orange and lemon, with soft, soothing nuances of creamy French vanilla, musk, and patchouli.
  43. Coconut Vanilla Our coconut vanilla fragrance begins with top notes of coconut, cream and sugar; followed by middle notes of rose and lily of the valley; with base notes of cedarwood and vanilla.
  44. Vanilla Lace & Pearls A blend of French vanilla with African vanilla on a dry down of sweet flower and musk.
  45. Warm Vanilla Sugar Type A warm vanilla aroma with a musky back note.
  46. Pink Sugar Type A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musks.
  47. Fresh citrus creates a shimmering lift for this sensual vanilla based scent. A romantic floral bouquet at the heart of the fragrance intertwines with fresh green tones and rich patchouli. The vanilla signature at the base of the scent is balanced with soft musk and warmed by exotic woody tones for lingering sensuality. Blue Sugar Type
  48. Rice Petals & Shea Butter This soul-soothing fragrance has top notes of ozony sea water, crushed ginger root, and anise leaves. Middle notes of coconut milk and rice flower; and sits on base notes of amber, musk, and sandalwood.
  49. Riced Crispy Treats This fragrance will make your mouth water! Riced Crispy Treats Fragrance smells like the popular recipe, with notes of vanilla, marshmallow, caramel, and butter. We just adore this scent!
  50. Toasted Marshmallow The aroma of marshmallows toasted over a campfire.
  51. Vanilla Blossoms A harmonious blend of French vanilla, fresh air notes and summer flowers. Vanilla blossoms fragrance begins with top notes of dewy fresh air, coconut cream, and ripe pineapple; followed by middle notes of ylang ylang, star jasmine, and Moroccan roses; sitting on base notes of French vanilla, Egyptian musk, and exotic sandalwood.
  52. Vanilla Champagne Effervescent citrus notes and sweet vanilla combine in this festive fragrance! A sparkling aldehydic accent creates a fizzy effect for the citrus top notes of lime and orange to open this blend. Hints of green floral and rum liquor notes from the fragrant heart. Clear woody tones combine with earthy accents while a base of vanilla bean surrounds the fragrance. So incredibly unique and fun!
  53. Vanilla Pear One of our favorite fragrances! A sophisticated blend of French vanilla and juicy sun ripened pears.
  54. Wedding Cake You'll be so happy with our Wedding cake fragrance, you'll want to throw your garter. Our wedding cake fragrance begins with a top note of almond, followed by notes of white cake, confiture de lait, and Madagascar vanilla. Let the honeymoon begin!