question and answers from unit functions definition health illness continuum. social mobility caste system types of test tubes used in bl cold chain equipment steam sterilization or autocla occupied bed making un occupied bed making procedu principles of bed making. methods of collection of demog sample nursing care plan for i evaluation phase of nursing pr implementation phase of nursin nursing process planning phas introduction to demography nursing diagnosis- the second assessment- the first step of introduction to nursing proces schools of psychology introduction to pharmacology eugenics importance and significance of sociology in nursin nature definitions introduction to sociology tuberculosis methods of psychology and its relevance to nursing nature of psychology scope of psychology origin instructions to bsc nursing students for rguhs exa methods of cooking cookery rules and preservation of food cookery rules and preservation of nutrients. metho bmr bmi nutritional facts of energy vitamin a prophylaxis programme nutrition facts of vitamin a pmsma( pradhan mantri surakshit matritva abhiyan ) deficiency digestion vitamin k sources digestion and deficiency vitamin e sources national and international health agencies pmjay ayushman bharat roles and responsibilities of a nurse manager nursemanager digestion and absorption of lipids nutritional importance of fats and lipids. importance of vitamins in nutrition vitamins proteins digestion and absorption of carbohydrates dietary fibre carbohydrates and nutrition five year plans planning commision district level state level central level organization and administration of health services health system in india iphs - subcentre ( indian public health standards) jsy (janani suraksha yojana) mct mother and child tracking system social mobilization sklls rastriya bal suraksha karyakram health and wellness clinic community health officer mid level health care provider introduction functions of management elements of managemengt management process henry fayol's principles of management theories of management conceptlevels of management therapeutic diet types of diet community health nursing approaches siddha homeopathy unani yoga ayurveda functions of food groups food groups nutrients classification of nutrients nnp nutritional policy instrument in india nnmb changing concepts of nutrition nutritio role of nurse in nutrition history of nutrition
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