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Welcome to Aspen | Sara Ott and Debbie Braun

Sara Ott and Debbie Braun give a welcome presentation and share what the City of Aspen has done to attract and educate area visitors.

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Welcome to Aspen | Sara Ott and Debbie Braun

  1. 1. Downtown Colorado Inc. IN THE GAME
  2. 2. How To Aspen 100K people are moving into CO each year 2017 saw unprecedented summer of casualties in local mountains ACRA launched campaign to educate on how to best enjoy our natural resources Collection of tips on “How To” enjoy Aspen in a sustainable and meaningful way Go-to resource for answering questions on “How To Get Here”, “How To Enjoy Aspen”, and “How To Get Outside” “Aspen Pledge” conveys the Aspen way of life and encourages responsible tourism in a fun and cheeky manner Campaign content and videos live on AspenChamber.org, promoted on our print collateral, social platforms and four intown visitor centers
  3. 3. Campaign Results: 44K+ pageviews since launching on May 1, 2018 Average visit is 1 minute+ on page Maroon Bells messaging resulted in an increase in bus ridership by 6,848 passengers to Maroon Bells from June 2017 - June 2018