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NFT Token Development

  1. Info@nadcab.com NFT Token Development www.nadcab.com +91-9870635001
  2. NFT Token Development • Nadcab Technology provides the solution to develop NFT Token like ERC- 721 Token & TRC-721 token on Ethereum and Tron blockchain and help to develop applications on Non-fungible Token as well token listing on Exchange and coin market cap with technical white paper. Info@nadcab.com www.nadcab.com +91-9870635001
  3. Feature of NFT Token Development www.nadcab.com +91-9870635001 info@nadcab.com
  4. FEATURE www.nadcab.com info@nadcab.com +91-9870635001 • Non-Fungible Token development is proving new opportunities to the investors. • Non-Fungible Tokens can be used to certify identification and property ownership. • It can be used to uniquely express owners or partners of real estate as well as land on the immutable blockchain network. • NFTs are also used in KYC procedures for academic degrees and other educational certificates, medical data, software licenses and more... • Non-fungible tokens are an essential purpose within the crypto space. These NFTs are created to represent a particular asset and it holds particular value in the digital ecosystem.
  6. Non-fungible Token development info@nadcab.com • Non-Fungible token development platform enables tokenization of collectibles to digital assets. • Each token features its unique specifications which are non- exchangeable and non-interoperable. • Ethereum’s standard ERC-721 protocol is common for NFT tokens which are non-exchangeable and ERC 1155 enables the creation of semi-fungible tokens which are new in the evolution of the marketplace. www.nadcab.com +91-9870635001
  7. NFT EXCHANGE • NADCAB TECHNOLOGY NFT exchange platform offers a myriad of options that enables users to trade and exchange their NFT tokens. • The platform is secured under blockchain technology which suggests a wide range of NFT tokens available in the market. • The platform offers third party integration of marketplaces for an unlimited variety of tokens trending in the market at the best price value. www.nadcab.com info@nadcab.com +91-9870635001
  8. NFT MARKETPLACE • NFT marketplace is a profitable niche for business development in the crypto world. • NFT‘s unique features and specifications benefit vast industries to be a successor in the market. NFT marketplace offers NFT tokens for unique collectibles like art, games assets, virtual land, that attracts a huge audience towards a virtual environment. • Fantasy lovers and gamers are the huge audiences for this Unique token market. +91-9870635001 info@nadcab.com www.nadcab.com
  9. NFT FOR GAMES • Virtual assets in games offer exclusive gameplay with rare assets like characters, weapons, and tickets for upgrades. • These assets are non-interoperable where the asset used in a game can not be used in any other games. • The listed NFT assets are approved by gamer developers to use in the game. • Developers can list a unique character in NFT to offer in the games which enable the game developers to generate their revenues in NFT. info@nadcab.com www.nadcab.com +91-9870635001
  10. CROSS-CHAIN NFT DEVELOPMENT • We equip your NFT marketplace with cross-chain capabilities for seamless trade of NFTs across different blockchain networks . • Polkadot’s multi chain ecosystem allows us to connect with web3 blockchain networks. • This preliminary feature that enables your marketplace to list and trade a variety of NFT in different blockchain networks. info@nadcab.com www.nadcab.com +91-9870635001
  11. • Sports memorabilia is one of the most welcomed collectibles in the market. • Player cards, assets, autographs, video clips are rare assets that can be tokenized under Non-fungible tokens. • This attracts a worldwide audience towards the platform with a high purchase rate. NFT FOR SPORTS info@nadcab.com www.nadcab.com +91-9870635001
  12. 1) Infrastructure development is related to real estate where you develop a unique infrastructure for your property and tokenize it. 2) NFT infrastructure includes interior designs, infrastructure development, Architecture, sculptures etc. 3) NFT infrastructure development is the process of digitally converting your infrastructure and tokenizing it. This attracts multiple industries to participate in your platform for their NFT token development. NFT TOKENS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE info@nadcab.com www.nadcab.com +91-9870635001
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