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Working with corporates across the income spectrum

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From the 2016 NCVO Funding Conference in association with Kingston Smith

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Working with corporates across the income spectrum

  2. 2. OUR PANEL Sarah Shillito – AstraZeneca, Vodafone UK Foundation • AstraZeneca’s Young Health Programme, Samaritans, Shelter YouthNet and Vodafone Mandy Johnson – Change.org, CRUK, Marie Curie, Deloitte • Level CRUK and ScottishPower, Age UK and E.On Jonathan Andrews – ‘Remarkable Partnerships’ • Samaritans and Network Rail, Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice and Bridges Estate Agents
  3. 3. For NGOs • cash remains king, but innovation and access to contacts become more important For Businesses • reputation and credibility reign supreme C&A PARTNERSHIPS BAROMETER 2015 Cause & Effect Advisory C&E’s Corporate-NGO Partnerships Barometer 2015 REASONS TO PARTNER
  4. 4. C&A PARTNERSHIPS BAROMETER 2015 Strategic partnerships • The move towards more strategic, higher value partnerships continues The value partners bring to each other • An improving understanding of the potential role that business assets (beyond cash) can play in NGO mission delivery Corporate-NGO partnerships are really moving the dial for businesses • Partnerships with NGOs improve businesses’ understanding of social and environmental issues
  5. 5. NCVO champions the voluntary sector and volunteer movement to create a better society. We connect, represent and support over 11,500 voluntary sector member organisations, from the smallest community groups to the largest charities. This helps our members and their millions of volunteers make the biggest difference to the causes they believe in. • Search for NCVO membership • Visit www.ncvo.org.uk/join • Email membership@ncvo.org.uk 5