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Cirque du Soleil - Behind the curtain

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Cirque du Soleil - Behind the curtain

  1. 1. CIRQUE DU SOLEILBehind the Curtain@andylevey / @cirque#CultureGeekSeptember 7th 2012
  2. 2. Behind The Curtain• The Challenges• The Strategies• The Audience
  3. 3. Overview of Cirque du Soleil21 shows across the world • 10 RSD Shows • 11 TSD Shows
  4. 4. Our ChallengeFrom the past: How do we reach our audience?
  5. 5. Our ChallengeTo recently: How do reach the right audience?
  6. 6. Our Challenge To right now: How do we develop a relationship with our audienceIn fl u e n c e L if e c y c le A TTEN D D ISCO V ER IN FLU EN CE FR IEN D S BOOK
  7. 7. Our Team Our Goals Listen: Hear and understand what our fans are saying Engage: Allow our fans to interact with us as opposed to just “speaking” to them. Respond: Address our fans needs, questions, and concerns. Develop a relationship with them Increase Brand Awareness: Use new media channels to drive further recognition, engagement, and measurement with the brand. Develop Business & Behavioral Analytics: Using new media platforms to create models that help New Media, traditional Marketing, and other business units make relevant, real time decisions. Develop & Maintain Relationships with Proven Industry Leaders : Continue to work with leading members of the social media community in addition to leaders within the platforms.
  8. 8. Our Strategy
  9. 9. Our Strategy
  10. 10. Our Strategy
  11. 11. Finding The Right Audience Leveraging PartnershipsCase 1: Beatles Facebook Promotion of Case 2: Walt Disney World Promotion LOVE of La Nouba •28,000,000 Beatles Facebook Fans •7,600,000 Walt Disney World Facebook Fans •Acquired 8,000 new Beatles LOVE •Acquired 7,000 new La Nouba Facebook Fans in 7 hours Facebook Fans in 1 day
  12. 12. Finding The Right Audience
  13. 13. Finding The Right Audience Resident Shows Strategy
  14. 14. Finding The Right Audience Touring Shows Strategy
  15. 15. Finding The Right Audience 27k Fan s 11M Fo F Leveraging the Power of the Right AudienceHarness the Power of Friends of Fans 1M + Fan s 196M Fo F
  16. 16. How To Activate The Audience The Engagement Cycle
  17. 17. How To Activate The Audience Furthering The Engagement Cycle •Working with Mass Relevance to visualize Tweets
  18. 18. How To Learn From The Audience
  19. 19. Where Do We Go From Here? Remainder of 2012Testing New Products & Developing Greater Business & Driving Increased Awareness & Platforms Behavioral Analytics Revenue
  20. 20. Where Do We Go From Here? 2013 Shifting Developing Catching Up with Education & Onsite/RealTraditional Greater Business Mobile Empowerment of Time Activation Budgets & Behavioral Other Business Units Points Analytics
  21. 21. Questions?