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  1. 1. Abdhul Muneer.T.M Kerala, India Phone :0091 9746745858 abdhulmuneer5858@gmail.com Objective Seeking for an exciting position in customer service field which needs an energetic, talented and driven individual who can a progress quickly and have the opportunity to develop an execellent career profile. Easily adaptable to any environment and assure 100% dedication and responsibility to the duties conferred on me. Career Background Around 3 years of experience in Customer dealing by handling front office department. Employer history  Presently working in Bhasuri Inn [3*] as Front office assistant : From May 2013 (Kerala Guruvayoor) Professional Experience Bhasuri Inn, Guruvayoor,Kerala Role: Front Office Asst Job Responsibilities  Warming the guest with the hospitality standard  Striving to create a relaxing and welcomeing ambience for customer  Assisting the guest and presenting the service available  Check all the arrival details of the guest  Allocate rooms for the guests  Check the guest status whether VIP or not  Collect the payment of rooms  Payment mode of the guest  Handling the customer emquiried , mails, messages etc.  Coordinate with the Room service and House Keeping department  Direct billed receivables and handled commission payments by vendors  Handled the cash through Front Office supervisior  Check the rooms after cordinatiing with House Keeping  Updating inventory sold out dates to different travel agents
  2. 2. Academic Qualification  SSLC from State Board of Secondary Education 2009-10  HSSE from Higher Secondary Board Education 2010-12  Presently doing B.A.Economics from CALICUT UNIVERSITY (2013- Present) Personal Skills  Good communication skills  Excellent team work  Works well under pressure  Self confidence  Effective Communication Language Skill Language Read Write Speak English    Malayalam    Tamil ---- ----  Hindi   ---- Arabic   ---- Personal Details Name : Abdhul Muneer .T. M Father’s Name : Muthalibu T.M Address : Thekkuveetil House Manathala Beach Fisheries Colony P.o. Chavakkad Trichur, Kerala-680506 Date of Birth & Age : 30-03-1994, 21 Marital Status : Single Nationality : Indian Passport Number : Declaration All the above information provided are authentic and to the best of my knowledge. Muneer.T.M