cybersecurity netacad cisco cybersecuirty essentials v1.1 cybersecurity essentials threats computer networks cisco netacad switching routing and wireless essentials srwe networking academy netacad course ccna2 cisco ccna ccna aaa malware confidentiality cia triad network security security controls networks introduction to cybersecurity ccnav7 load balancing encryption authorization dos adware ransomware social engineering availability integrity access control security policy hackers encapsulation bluetooth electromagnetic spectrum wireless communication spread spectrum cellular systems signal propagation wlan tcp/ip osi lan topologies protocols layered architecture email security appliance (esa) host-based intrusion prevention system (hips) identity services engine (ise) accounting (aaa) authentication advanced malware protection (amp) next-generation ips (ngips) next-generation firewall (ngfw) data breach na spanning-tree porfast bpduguard default spanning-tree bpduguard enable spanning-tree portfast {default} ip arp inspection validate ip arp inspection trust ip dhcp snooping trust ip arp inspection vlan # show ip dhcp snooping ip dhcp snooping limit rate ip dhcp snooping vlan # ip dhcp snooping switchport trunk native vlan # lightweight access point protocol (lwapp) lightweight ap (lap) ieee itu 802.11 wwan wman wpan port triggering port forwarding wireless mesh network (wmn) network address translation (nat) access points wlc wireless lan controller static ip cisco networking academy ccna-2 static host route local host route host route quad-zero route fully specified static route directly connected static route next-hop route summary static route floating static route default static route static route ospfv2 ripv2 administrative distance unequal-cost load balancing equal-cost load balancing egp bgp-mp bgp is-is for ipv6 dynamic routing protocols static routes route sources cisco express forwarding (cef) fast switching process switching next-hop router prefix length longest match best path security best practices incident prevention ips ids security appliances portscanning types of firewalls social media. three factor authentication two factor authentication data maintenance good passwords password manager wireless networks safety ssid antispyware antivirus firewalls impact reduction blended attack ddos attacks whaling phishing worms virus vulnerability exploit legal issues decision tree availabilty healthcare data professionals cyberwarfare attackers organizational data pii personal data cyber security server hardening physical security os hardening network hardening cybersecurity domains rules for communication data acess decapsulation reference models computer networks basics cli commands navigating the ios gui global config mode privileged mode cli switch configuration packet tracer cisco ios internet connections network representations characteristics of networks types of networks introduction to networks ccna-1 multilevel queues multilevel feedback queue processor affinity real time scheduling realtime systems multiprocessor multicore round robin srtf sjf fcfs scheduling threads long term scheduler types of schedulers context switch ipc process states process control block pcb process api user interface system programs os servies system calls operating systems computer components system operations computer architecture os security principle ethics cybersecurity specialist availability measures disaster recovery incident response five nines data obfuscation data hiding obscurity steganography substitution techniques types of controls access control techniques asymmetric encryption symmetric encryption data integrity controls digital certificate digital signature security control xss scripting pretexing ddos attack seo posioning protection against malware scareware attacks people technologies states of data tactics people awareness cybersecurity cube certifications security attacks information security security services model for security computer security tunneling ip delivery mobile ip optimization ipv6 ipv4 tdma cdma fdma file system implementation virtual file systems free space management recovery allocation methods directory implementation segmentation thrashing page replacement paging virtual memory logical address space frames demand paging semaphores bankers algorithm synchronization dining philosphers problem critical section problem deadlock gsm identifiers gsm arhcitecture gsm frequecy gsm security gsm protocols gsm frame gsm piconet wimax scatternet rfid dns e mail application layer tcp udp transport layer go back n vrc data link layer error correction lrc sliding window protocol hamming code crc selective repeat cables transmission media signal twisted pair physical layer internet protocol suite iso layers reference model couse outline orientation guidelines man intranet wan extranet broadcasting services design issues
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