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cv TSC waris (2)

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cv TSC waris (2)

  1. 1. Curriculum Vita Muhammad Waris Address: Jaleeb – Al - Shoyoukh Mobile: ......./..... 90004938 Email: rehmanwaris49@gmail.com Email: numl01@yahoo.com Post Applied For:, OBJECTIVE: To Work in a high professional and comfortable environment, while contributing the best of my abilities towards the positive growth and successful development of a progressive company. To fully utilize my interpersonal and academic skills, extend my current knowledge. I can perform my duties to the best of my capabilities and enhance organization performance. A position will offer the diversity and opportunity for continued professional advancement. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS • Graduation: University of the PunjabLahorePakistan. • Intermediate Board of Intermediate& SecondaryEducationGujranwala. • Civil Draftsman: PunjabTechnicalBoardLahorePakistan. • SpecialEnglishDiploma: NationalUniversity of ModernLanguagesIslamabadPakistan. INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES • Readingalltypes of informationrelatedbooksandmaterial. • Browsingthe webfor various study material. • Readingbooksandpoetry. COMPUTER SKILLS • Auto CAD, CertificateinComputerApplications,MicrosoftOffice,MicrosoftExcel • MicrosoftWord, MicrosoftPowerPoint,In pageUrdu, CorelDraw. • E. Mail&Internet, HardwareInstallation,Partitionand Assemblingof PC.
  2. 2. PERSONAL SKILLS • Self-motivatedand highlyenergetic. • Result-orientedandproactiveinnature. • Flexibleandeasilyadjustable. • Team workingandleadershipskills. • Canwork underextremepressureand workload. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • I am working as a Storekeeper in • (T S C) since 2010andstill continuinganddoingmyjob.Well knownabout to leada team and take goodwork from the team. I have good experience aboutwarehouse Picking ,Binning,receiving.i have wellknownabout dispatchingandclosingtheload. • I have well knownaboutall kindsof (MHE.) Machineslike BT.OP.Comby. andfork lifter. • 2 years Experienceasa warehouseStorekeeper. inAAFES in Iraq • 3 Year and7 MonthsExperienceasDataEntry OperatorinM.P.S (Pvt.) Ltd. Gujarat,Pakistan 01February2003 to 25August 2006. • 2 Year ExperienceasAdmin in M.P.S (Pvt.) Ltd. Gujarat,Pakistanfrom 10January2000to 30December 2002. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Nationality: Pakistani Date of Birth: 05January 1974 Religion: Islam Marital Status: Married Language Known: English, Urdu, Arabic I hereby declare that the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.