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Envision of Future city

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The Presentation is solely made for the admission process for IE business school.
This presentation is made in response of the following question :-
(How do you envision the city of the future?)

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Envision of Future city

  1. 1. ENVISION OF FUTURE CITY By: Muhammad Musa
  2. 2. Contents E-industry Globalization Population Global warming Smart transport Destruction of natural resources  iceberg model Recycling Rural life style
  3. 3. My Vision of Future City With time, as technology advances Quality of life increases. The future of Cities may be look like from two perspective. 1. Depended on Technologies, Machines 2. Rural Life
  4. 4. Future Cities may alter their landscapes, infrastructure, and may look like of one the science fiction movies e.g. • Allegiant • Divergent • The matrix • Avatar • District 9 • Inception
  5. 5. Totally depend upon machine • E-industry (high production and consumption , technical stuff) • Living style (space saving house and products, Taller Buildings resulting city of their own) • Globalization ( world is like a web ) • Smart transport (Car charging themselves with road) • Recycling ( machines) • Economy ( innovation , flexible labor, partnership, multiple national company )
  6. 6. E-industry • Technology is a big part of changing the way people communicate and learn in the world today. People are starting to rely on technology more and more to communicate globally instead of traveling to places that are far away. Places that used to seem worlds away are now within reach by the click of a button. • Electronics industry emerged in the 20th century now become a global industry worth billions of dollars. Contemporary society used all electronic devices. • Production and consumption
  7. 7. Living style • Population land and space • So people will need more space to live
  8. 8. Globalization • Globalization is a process of increasing interconnectedness. Goods , services, capital , people ,Information and ideas flow across national borders. • Through globalization : 1. Improved Transport 2. Improved Technology 3. Growth of Multinational companies 4. Growth of global trading blocks
  9. 9. Smart transport
  11. 11. Negative accepts • Population • Global warming • Destruction of natural resources
  12. 12. Population *UN predicted that in 2050, there will be 10 billions people living on Planet Earth. Alarming
  13. 13. Apply iceberg model • In the race of development people want to get more and more and there is no full stop in this process but vital part of development is that only 10 % is visible • Development process highly destroyed our environment. • Earning profits, making money on the cost of Natural Resources Global warming *Threat to Survival of Earth, animals, humans
  14. 14. Environmental Disaster Due To Global Warming • Industrial revolution • Smoke waste material • Green gas • Ozone layer • Dangerous sun rays • • Skin diseases • In future their will be more skin diseases due to damage ozone layer
  15. 15. • In future recycling will be the best environmental success . • Recycling should be done by natural mean or technological approach. • benefits result from the recycling of solid waste in future. • ■ Reduces the need for new landfills • ■ Prevents emissions of many air and water pollutants • ■ Saves energy • ■ Supplies valuable raw materials to industry • ■ Creates jobs • ■ Reduces greenhouse gas emissions • ■ Stimulates the development of greener technologies • ■ Conserves resources for our children’s future
  16. 16. Back To rural setup • My second vision of future is that people will again starts the simple life • No frozen food • Fresh environment • Low crime rate • Collectivist society
  17. 17. A Good Example Is: • People in ancient time save their food underground and now people applying the same method to save food.
  18. 18. References: • https://www.sustainability.gov/Resources/Guidance_reports/Guidance_reports_archives/future .pdf • Ted C. Lewellen , 2002. THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF GLOBILIZATION • Hynson, L.M. (1975) Rural-urban differences in satisfaction among the elderly. Rural sociology (40), 64-65
  19. 19. Thank you for Watching!!! Muhammad Musa