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Smart Farming using Automation

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In this presentation, Raju describes an innovative way to help the farming community. He proposes the use of a drone run by RaspberryPi which uses image processing algorithms to give farmers suggestion on fertilizers, pesticides etc.

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Smart Farming using Automation

  1. 1. AUTOMATION (Smart Farms) Name: Raju ` E-mail: raju100299@gmail.com Twitter Id: https://twitter.com/raju_ece University: International Institute of Information Technology APIIIT,NUZVID. Year/Semester: Engg.3/SEM2 Branch: ECE
  2. 2.  Close on to the heels of this 21st century there have been technological advancements in this world serving the common purpose of reducing human effort.  One such advancement also must be incorporated in the field of Agriculture. RELAXATION FOR FARMERS (WHY SHOULD THEY WORK A LOT???):-  For the solace of the farmers it will be a good step to use artificial intelligence in the field of Agriculture.  Using drones to detect soil fertility ,water content in the soil so that if there is insufficiency of nutrients in soil it will spray which avoids wastage of water.  Also Techniques involve using drones to go through the fields to find the diseases in different types of plants in the farm and suggesting farmer to purchase specific fertilizers and pesticides. AUTOMATION (Smart Farms)-INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. AUTOMATION (Smart Farms)-MAIN IDEA Drone hovering all plants to find diseases and alert farmer Drone hovering all plants to measure fertility of soil and spray water Smart Farm which is disease free and nutrient rich A CLEAR CUT SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM :-
  4. 4. AUTOMATION (Smart Farms)-TRENDS REQUIREMENTS :-  To make this project alive two things are extremely vital.  They are :- 1)Automation using Raspberry Pi 2)Hyperspectral Image Processing SMART FARMS IN FUTURE :- “Man is cutting the branch on which he is sitting.” He ought to conserve natural resources. And he can’t spot the diseases by his own with accuracy. But artificial intelligence replacing human intelligence will improve the accuracy. Continuous heavy loaded work will be solved easily with no human effort.
  5. 5. AUTOMATION (Smart Farms)- INTEREST AREAS THROUGH THIS INTERN :- It will be easy for me to find a platform to get acquainted with the Raspberry Pi technologies and Image processing techniques which will serve the purpose of improvising the project. Also it will be a chance for me to get guidance from experts to accomplish the dream project. It will also be a platform to agglomerate young engineers to make this huge task a fruitful one which serves the nation and hails the name of the country all over the world.
  6. 6. AUTOMATION (Smart Farms) I hope this will be a huge leap for the mankind in the field of Agriculture. Results of this project will certainly satisfy the farmers in such a way that they can educate themselves through this method of agriculture. THANK YOU