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Spoken english topics covered

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These are few topics that I cover in my spoken English sessions

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Spoken english topics covered

  1. 1. Topics covered in spoken English class: 1. Good manners 2. Eating habits 3. Behaving in class,home, school etc… 4. Attitude towards your friends 5. Importance of speakingin English 6. Job opportunities 7. Speech on foreign countries 8. General knowledge 9. Importance of knowing different languages 10. Different areas of work. Example: Engineering, Civil,Computer science( IT ), BPO, Call centers,Business. 11. Importance of earningmoney and savingit. 12. Practical lifeexperience. 13. Importance of spendingmoney. 14. Importance of celebrations. 15. Importance of our family and our relatives. 16. Speech on sharing. 17. Earninggood name. 18. Importance of exams. 19. Interview skills. 20. Focus on our life. 21. Adjustingwith people around you. 22. Reading habits 23. Basic English grammar. 24. Importance of writing. 25. Things that we should avoid. 26. Respecting elders. 27. Importance of havinggood friendship. 28. Need of a good lifepartner at the right age. 29. Understandingour parents. 30. Spirituality in our life. 31. Importance of keeping yourself and your surroundings clean. 32. Importance of time. 33. Importance of our lifeand our existence in this world. 34. Motivational speeches.What motivates you? 35. Importance of playinggames.To have some physical activities. 36. Think of how better you can become and what you need to do next to be a better person. 37. Why you should not be afraid of everything and be timid. 38. Know aboutfood, clothingand shelter. Have high aims in life.Always compareyourself with better things. 39. Importance of education and havinga degree no matter how rich you are. 40. Helpingothers. 41. Dress code. 42. Being smart / be smart. 43. Ways of denying things in a good and politeway.
  2. 2. 44. Havingprinciplesin lifeand followingitreligiously. 45. Never under estimate yourself. Think you are always special and you aresomeone great. 46. When people put you down, Don’t looseyour heart. Think that there is a better opportunity waitingfor you. 47. Forget the bad experiences. Learn from your mistakes and never repeat it. 48. Always have a positiveattitude. 49. Always look for opportunities to learn. 50. We need to livea practical life.Break the rules if necessary.Be bold to stand firm if you are in the right path. Never hesitate to respect the rightthing. 51. Listen to your conscious. 52. Be patient in takinga decision.Never take a decision when you are confused. 53. Don’t feel shy to ask someone if you don’t know something. The other person is always there to help. 54. Never say that you know everything. No one in this world is perfect and knows all. 55. Everyday is a new beginning where we should be ableto unlearn and learn new things. 56. Forgive your enemy and give a chance for your rival to think you aresomeone whom he is missingin his lifebefore ignoringhim. 57. Be kind and patient always and never bother about the grave others arediggingagainstyou.They will understand you better when they fall on their own grave someday. 58. Never be scared of your boss if you are in the right path. Instead help your boss earn his livingas he takes careof your living. 59. Stay straightforward and never talk behind the people or back stab them. 60. When you employ someone, remember that, that person is not your slave.He is doinga favor for you to complete your job and help you grow. 61. When we die, People should remember us for the impactor stain that we have left in their life. 62. Stay simple,humble and polite,but also clever. 63. Love your job and only then you can do something better always.Do justicefor the salary thatyou get. 64. Never always keep cribbing sincethatwill de motivate you. 65. Stay with people who have positiveenergy. 66. Always be confident. Do not be over confident. 67. Have passion to learn something new. 68. Only hard work gives you good return with interest. 69. Try and help as much as you can.It’s not necessary that you only have to help someone financially always. 70. Always be open for getting criticism.Take the good ones and showa deaf ear to the bad ones. 71. When people hurt you, justsmileand think that they cannotalways be good to you. They are also humans. 72. Punishment is not the end to correct someone. Caringfor someone and showing lovecan do a lotmore. 73. Don’t show off a lot. Everyone can see you even otherwise. 74. Don’t blow your own trumpet often. Your trumpet will beworn out soon. 75. There is no harm smilingatsomeone. After all it’s for free. You don’t get paid for iteither. 76. It’s a thrill to do something when we are asked not to do it. Its no harmto try once, otherwise how would we know that ithurts without holdinga fire. 77. It’s better to be a bad person at times but not always. 78. You should earn respect and not take it. 79. Give a chanceto someone for them to be good. Otherwise the person will alwaysstay bad. 80. Understand that God has forgiven you so many times before you get angry on someone.