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Survey analysis

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Media - analysis of survey

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Survey analysis

  1. 1. Survey Analysis Audience Research Results
  2. 2. Importance of audience research? The point of doing this audience questionnaire analysis is so that I, the producer, can get a better insight of my target audiences when making my product. I am able to understand better my audiences consumption and habits with films and trailers. My questionnaire results will help inform me about decisions further down the line. It will also highlight any problems I may have to overcome or potential changes I might need to make.
  3. 3. I expected to see a result dominated by 17-21 year olds which is shown here, this is because I put it onto my facebook page dominated by my age range of friends. Perhaps to get a fairer result I could have encouraged my parents friends and family to complete the questionnaire however 17-21 is most likely to be my target audience so this works well, as I can properly find out their interests.. 74.29% out of 35 people who answered my questionnaire were female.
  4. 4. The most popular genres: • Action/adventure • Rom com • Comedy Romance was the most popular among females and action adventure amongst male candidates. This is the stereotypical result I was expecting due to the demographic of my audience. Although documentary was not a popular choice this could be because I think most people watch documentary's however not a regular basis. Perhaps to overcome this I can incorporate action aspects to my trailer to attract the widest possible audience.
  5. 5. The way in which my audience consume film is important from the perspective of being an independent film company, as my film would be more likely to go straight to online release. The increasing use of online streaming sites and competition of Netflix portrays how films are now mostly watched online, and are accessible from laptops, tablets and phones which means the more films are being watched due to the high demand and ease of access and small cost.
  6. 6. This is a positive result which indicates that most people think that a trailer is the most convincing product when distributing a film. It was important to consider this question because as part of this project I have to make a film poster and Magazine cover. However it was import to prove how vital posters are in selling any film to an audience.
  7. 7. Soundtrack These results are varied, however the majority selected ‘indie’. This genre will be ideal for my genre of film. This was an unexpected result, although nearly 50% agreed that the soundtrack to a trailer is ‘extremely important’ I predicted this to be a much higher majority.
  8. 8. Would you watch a Documentary Film? • 100% answered Yes to this yes or no question, when asked why they enjoy this genre many commented that the storyline is often gripping and interesting whilst enabling them to learn something new. Many also commented about how it made them feel strong emotions. • Some said that drama in a documentary type film makes them more likely to watch it as when an event is re enacted by famous actors or played out in a theatrical manor it is more dramatic and exciting for a wider audience. • Many said that if a trailer quoted ‘ Based on a true story’ or ‘ based on the novel’ they would be more interested in the film.
  9. 9. This result Is good as my genre of film ‘sports documentary’ will be focused on an a compelling and interesting plot to attract my audience. The result for ‘based on a true story’ was also high which is good as I aim to try spin this into my film trailer. The most popular feature in this question was also story line, this reinforces how important this will be to my target audience when making my trailer. It is also important to see that people selected they don’t like too much information to be given away through the trailer. As well as this a majority selected Drama as an important feature, as this builds suspense I agree this is an important feature in a trailer.
  10. 10. Would you watch a sports documentary? What would you expect it to possibly cover? 80% answered Yes to this question, stating they enjoyed the biographical film of Senna and sports drama film Rush, some also said they enjoy sports so would therefore watch a sport documentary film. Whilst many said this is an interesting genre, which means I have a wide target audience demographic. Most males said they would expect to see the effects of doping or perhaps the internal struggles of disable athletes. One candidate stated that when men or women come home from the armed forces injured and then have a passion or drive to get into sport would possibly be an interesting topic. Females said they would expect to see uplifting elements to the power of sport to mental health and keeping fit and healthy.
  11. 11. Favorite film trailer Audiences responses: • ‘I don't have an all time favorite, but for the movies that are currently out; Legend and Suffragette. Legend for the glamour and excitement and I love action. Sufferagette because it really plays with my emotions’ • ‘Life (2015) because its based on a true story’ • ‘Concussion - Starring will smith this trailer is effective at giving away little information and its strong plot becomes clearer throughout. Very gripping and relevant to today's society and the modern world.’ • ‘Legend with Tom hardy - looks interesting’ These are some examples of feedback to my question what is your favorite film trailer and why, this shows a response where many of the films they have said I have researched into for research and planning. This shows the films are popular among my target audience. I plan to look at the film concussion as this is a biographical sports drama.
  12. 12. Summary What have I learnt from collecting these results? • My target audience will be mainly be the demographic of 17-30. • My genre of sports documentary will be popular amongst my demographic, however will have to consider attracting the widest possible female audience, and not make It gender bias. I can over come this by including female athletes/ statistics. • I will need to include scenes of action to attract the widest possible audience, and interesting real like facts. • ‘Indie’ music soundtrack would be preferred in my trailer, as this was the most popular genre. However I want the soundtrack to be powerful and moving. • Not giving too much away in the trailer will need to be strongly considered, as audiences don’t like spoilers.