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Ace Group incorporates J M Njoya

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Ace Group incorporates J M Njoya & Associates - Certified Public Accountant into Ace Associates - Certified Public Accountants, a member firm of McMillan Woods Global

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Ace Group incorporates J M Njoya

  1. 1. Press Release 31st December, 2015, Mombasa, Kenya Ace Associates – Certified Public Accountants, A member firm of McMillan Woods Global announce the Incorporation of J M Njoya & Associates – Certified Public Accountants into Ace Group of Professional Services Firms Ace Associates – Certified Public Accountants, Partner CPA Mohamed Ebrahim, MBA (Manchester) says:- As Kenya’s Economy is increasingly becoming integrated with the global economy, with the expected increased level of services required by these businesses and organisations, the need to consolidate by merger, acquisition, joint ventures and strategic alliances will become increasingly necessary in the coming years, for small and medium practices, to be able to provide the services, invest in technology and audit automation, create staff capacity to deliver pro-active forward looking services, like Corporate Finance, Government Audit, Commercial and Investment Arbitration, Internal Audits and Islamic Finance and the accounting for Islamic Finance Transactions . Firms like ours which are future oriented need to position themselves to offer more value added professional services. There is a pressing need for accountants to equip themselves with wide range of specialist services in the fast changing accounting environment, growth by merger and acquisition is an absolute necessity”. About McMillan Woods Global: www.mcmillanwoods.com McMillan Woods Global provides assurance, accounting, tax, business advisory, corporate finance, business turnarounds, virtual CFO, company secretarial, IT and training services. McMillan Woods Global is an international network of accountants and business advisers present in more than 25 countries worldwide with its Head Office in the United Kingdom. About Ace Associates – Certified Public Accountants: www.acegroup.co.ke Ahmed M.Y. Salyani & Associates was formed in 2004 by CPA Ahmed Salyani. In 2011 he turned it into a partnership. Currently, the partners are CPA Ahmed Salyani and CPA Mohamed Ebrahim MBA (Manchester). In order to offer specialized services to businesses from 1st January 2013 Ace Associates – Certified Public Accountants joined the McMillan Woods Global network and was rebranded as Ace Associates -Certified Public Accountants, A Member firm of McMillan Woods with the following firms namely Ace Associates- Certified Public Accountants - A member firm of McMillan Woods, Ace Consultants Limited (Accountancy , Internal Audit and Risk Consulting Services, Strategy Consulting and Arbitration/Alternative Dispute resolution in Commercial disputes), Ace Taxation Services Limited (Tax Compliance, Advisory and Tax Arbitration/ADR support services), Ace Financial Advisory Limited (Corporate Finance, Business Valuation, Fund Management, Investment Advisory & Arbitration/ADR in Financial disputes support), Ace Secretaries and Registrars (Company Secretarial Services), Ace Nominees Limited (Confidential nominee services to hold shares and real estates, and provision of nominee directors and pension scheme trustees). Our Contacts Mombasa - Rashid Ahmed Lootah Road, Off Jomo Kenyatta Avenue, P. O. Box 16916-80100, Mombasa. Tel: 041-24191515 / 0727 399199. Email: info@acegroup.co.ke Nairobi- High Park Building, 2nd Floor, Unit No. 6C, Junction of 3rd Parklands Avenue and Masari Road , Highridge, Nairobi. Tel: 0707 688699. Email: acenbi@acegroup.co.ke