engineering mechanical engineering mathematics math control adaptive control advanced numerical machine parts numerical lap joint butt joint pmp pontryagin principle euler-lagrange equation linear quadratic optimal control lqt closed-loop open-loop calculus of variations optimization search engine optimization control engineering classical and modern control unconstrained optimal control desineni subbaram naidu optimal control systems optimal control aerospace rmsprop word embedding natural language processing sequence models rnn recurrent neural networks learning rate decay neural style transfer object detection deep convolutional models convolutional neural networks hyperparameter tuning regularization and optimization regularization improve deep neural networks nn neural netorks ai computer sinces rk2 rk1 runge kutta modified euler method euler method modified euler method for higher order ode modified euler method for ode euler method for higher order ode numerical solutions for system of differential equ numerical solutions for system of ode euler's method for ode taylor expansion numerical solutions for differential equations numerical solutions for ode differential equations ode numerical solutions for ode (differential equation trigonometeric curve fitting data fitting hermite hermite curve fitting legendre legendre curev fitting chebychev chebychev curve fitting orthogonal curve fitting polynomial curve fitting curve fitting line interpolation data interpolation bessel interpolation stirling interpolation gauss difference gauss interplation gauss cubic spline quadratic spline linear spline inverse interpolation quadratic interpolation spline interpolation lagrange interpolation newton interpolation interpolation higher order integration rules romberg procedure boole's rule simpson rule simpson trapizodal rule rectqngular rule numerical integration fourth derivative third derivative second derivative first derivative centeral difference backward difference forward difference taylor serise numerical differentiation nonlinear system of equations nonlinear equation repeated root modified newton's method trisection method bisection method false position method newton-raphson method simple iteration method solution of non-linear equation lu decomposition choleski choleski decomposition iterative techniques inverse of a if exists gauss-jordan method gauss elimination method solution of linear system of equations consistency of linear system of equations homogeneous and non-homogeneous linear system of e linear system of equations in matrix form numerical solutions for linear system of equations forces acting on worm gears wear tooth load for worm gear design of worm gearing proportions for worms terms used in worm gearing proportions for worm gear strength of worm gear teeth effciency of worm gearing thermal rating of worm gearing types of worm gears types of worms worm gears strength of bevel gears tredgold's approximation design of a shaft for bevel gears formative or equivalent number of teeth for bevel forces acting on a bevel gear proportions for bevel gear determination of pitch angle for bevel gears terms used in bevel gears classi cation of bevel gears bevel gears strength of helical gears proportions for helical gears formative or equivalent number of teeth for helica face width of helical gears terms used in helical gears helical gears double block or shoe brake pivoted block or shoe brake internal expanding brake differential band brake band and block brake types of brakes materials for brake lining simple band brake heat to be dissipated during braking single block or shoe brake energy absorbed by a brake brakes design of a centrifugal clutch design of a cone clutch cone clutch design of a disc or plate clutch single disc or plate clutch multiple disc clutch centrifugal clutch considerations in designing a friction clutch types of friction clutches material for friction surfaces friction clutches positive clutches types of clutches clutches springs in parallel stress and de ection in helical springs of non-cir concentric or composite springs energy stored in helical springs of circular wire de ection of helical springs of circular wire surge in springs stresses in helical springs of circular wire flat spiral spring helical torsion springs leaf springs end connections for tension helical springs end connections for compression helical springs terms used in compression springs standard size of spring wire helical springs material for helical springs types of springs springs design procedure of chain drive principal dimensions of tooth pro le velocity ratio of chain drives relation between pitch and pitch circle diameter conveyor chains hoisting and hauling chains power transmitting chains characteristics of roller chains permissible speed of smaller sprocket power transmitted by chains factor of safety for chain drives number of teeth on the smaller or driving sprocket maximum speed for chains length of chain and center distance classi cation of chains terms used in chain drive advantages and disadvantages of chain drive over b chain drives factor of safety for wire ropes designation of wire ropes construction of wire ropes advantages of wire ropes classi cation of wire ropes properties of wire ropes ratio of driving tensions for fiber rope wire ropes advantages of fiber rope drives fiber ropes v- at drives sheave for fiber ropes advantages and disadvantages of v-belt drive over ratio of driving tensions for v-belt types of v-belts and pulleys standard pitch lengths of v-belts rope drives v belt and rope drives design of cast iron pulleys fast and loose pulleys paper pulleys wooden pulleys steel pulleys types of pulleys for flat belts cast iron pulleys flat belt pulleys power transmitted by a belt length of a cross belt drive length of an open belt drive types of flat belt drives standard belt thicknesses and widths creep of belt slip of the belt velocity ratio of a belt drive belt joints coecient of friction between belt and pulley density of belt materials working stresses in belts belt speed material used for belts types of belts types of belt drives selection of a belt drive flat belt drives di erential and compound screws design of screw jack stresses in power screws over hauling and self locking screws eciency vs helix angle acme or trapezoidal threads eciency of self locking screws coecient of friction maximum eciency of a square threaded screw eciency of square threaded screws torque required to lower load by square threaded s torque required to raise load by square threaded s types of screw threads used for power screws multiple threads machine design power screws rocker arm for exhaust valve design of a lever miscellaneous levers foot lever levers hand levers application of levers lever for a lever safety valve bell crank lever cranked lever design of cotter foundation bolt methods of failure of knuckle joint design of sleeve and cotter joint sleeve and cotter joint cotter and knuckle joints design of socket and spigot cotter joint gib and cotter joint socket and spigot cotter joint knuckle joint design of turnbuckle design of a gib and cotter joint types of cotter joints design procedure of knuckle joint eccentric load stress due to combined forces boiler stays designation of screw threads forms of screw threads disadvantages of screwed joints standard dimensions of screw threads bolts of uniform strength advantages of screwed joints location of screwed joints advantages and disadvantages of screwed joints common types of screw fastenings locking devices design of cylinder covers stresses due to external forces design of a nut stresses in screwed fastening weld symbols electric arc welding thermit welding strength of transverse fillet welded joints advantages and disadvantages of welded joints standard location of elements of a welding symbol types of welded joints forge welding strength of welded joints supplementary weld symbols welding processes welded joints advantages of welded joints gas welding fusion welding disadvantages of welded joints failures of a riveted joint material of rivets rivet design of circumferential lap joint for a boiler recommended joints for pressure vessels caulking and fullering essential qualities of a rivet riveted joints efficiency of a riveted joint methods of riveting types of riveted joints manufacture of rivets strength of a riveted joint design of longitudinal butt joint for a boiler types of rivet heads lozenge joint pipe joints pipes hydraulic pipe pipes and pipe joints standard pipe flanges for steam hydraulic pipe joint for high pressures design of circular flanged pipe joint design of oval flanged pipe joint stresses in pipes design of pipes design of square flanged pipe joint integral dished head. riveted welded dished head. lame's equation. thick cylindrical shells subjected to an internal hoop stress cylinder heads and cover plates cylinder heads stresses in compound cylindrical shells compound cylindrical shells classi cation of pressure vessels thick cylindrical longitudinal stress barlows equation. birnie's equation. clavarino's equation. thick cylindrical shells pressure vessels stresses in a thin cylindrical shell load factor relation between endurance limit and ultimate tens soderberg method combined steady and variable stress miscellaneous factors surface finish factor methods of reducing stress concentration stress concentration factor variable stress size factor stress concentration factor of safety for fatigue loading fatigue goodman method endurance limit variable stresses in machine parts avoid fatigue failure gerber method theories of failure torsional stresses guests or trescas theory rankines theory determination of principal stresses for a member s torsional shear stress application of principal stresses in designing mac shafts in series and parallel bending stresses saint venants theory maximum principal or normal stress theory (rankine theories of failure under static load principal stresses and principal planes maximum shear stress theory (guests or trescas the bending stress in straight beams torsional and bending stresses in machine parts bending stress in curved beams compressive strain strain stressés young's modulus volumetric strain compressive stress bulk modulus simple stresses in machine parts poisson's ratio tensile strain tensile stress resilience cold peening forging design casting cold bending manufacturing processes cold rolling rolling cold working hot working processes manufacturing hot rolling hot working forging cold working processes manufacturing in machine design cold extrusion m e chanical working of metals casting design tolerance types of fits fits tolerance and surface roughness fits surface roughness flywheel performance flywheel design flywheel dkf discrete kalman filter gain scheduling adaptive contol contol gs model reference adaptation systems mras self-tuning regulators str erls rls parameter estimation
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