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Pm talks in waseda 2018

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Mitsurus PM Talk in Waseda University

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Pm talks in waseda 2018

  1. 1. What’s PM? Mitsuru Saito General Manager Rakuten.inc
  2. 2. Introduction PM Windows/IE/OE Microsoft Japan PM Windows Microsoft USA PM Rakuten Travel Rakuten.inc
  3. 3. The Products I Contributed to
  4. 4. • Dividing role • Sharpen each talent per role • Help each other with professionalism Program Management Trends Require professionals who orchestrates engineering team
  5. 5. Triangle of Company Sales Marketing Product (Development)
  6. 6. Product (Development) Triangle of Product Sales Marketing Product (Development) Developers QAPM
  7. 7. Each org should have each style of PM PM is well defined in books?
  8. 8. Define and design products and services that delight customers and add strategic value to the company. What’s PM?
  9. 9. PM Cycle Brain Storming/Wish Wish List Conference/Us er Research PRD Sign Off Development m1, m2, m3 Close Beta, Public Beta Development RC, RTW Conference, PR Feedback, Watch, Criticism
  10. 10. • Individual Excellence • Action oriented • Composure • Conviction and courage • Creativity • Dealing with ambiguity • Integrity and trustworthiness • Intellectual horsepower • Self confidence • Self development • Results • Decision making • Drive for results • Managing systems and processes • Performance management • Planning, Organizing, and coordinating • Problem solving • Customer Feedback • Customer focus • Presenting Rakuten • Teamwork • Building team spirit • Communicating skills • Hiring and staffing • Interpersonal skills • Negotiation and conflict management • Open communications • Organizational agility • Long-term approach • Developing people • Strategic leadership • Strategic thinking • Innovation management • Passion for Products and Technology • Technical passion and drive • Functional/Technical knowledge/Skills scale PM Competencies
  11. 11. Creativity (One Example) • Definition • Develop original ideas, approaches, and solutions to typical, unusual, or difficult situations or problems. • Hints • Regularly contributes high quality thinking to the development of ideas. Continually pushes the status quo to test its limits, and challenges others to do so. • Turns problems upside down and inside out to find fresh new approaches. • Questions • What do you do to enhance your own creative thinking? Tell me about one of the most exciting "breakthroughs" you recently achieved on a project or assignment. What do you do to keep your ideas fresh?
  12. 12. Three Pillars of Talents Generalize Communic ation Skill Decision Making
  13. 13. Generalize
  14. 14. PM is not required if s/he solves each issue one by one
  15. 15. Random Goal Issue Issue Issue Goal Require ment Require ment Require ment Simplify data and protocol
  16. 16. Goal Require ment Simplify data and protocol Goal Require ment Require ment Require ment
  17. 17. Culture Personality Services Data type Action/Method Categorization Generalize
  18. 18. Communication Skill
  19. 19. 95% of PM Work is Disgusting
  20. 20. YouManager Stakeholders Customer Team Mates Developers Communication Path
  21. 21. The more users on your product The more you feel you are alone
  22. 22. You Co- worker Partners Users Mass Communi cation Friends Family Criticism on you
  23. 23. Tendency of Reaction Block Ears Stop thinking about your feature Care only Closest Guys Care only Short Site Escape from the situation
  24. 24. Feedback is always great! People use your products!
  25. 25. Decision Making
  26. 26. Its your product! Make a decision by yourself!
  27. 27. YouManager Stakeholders Customer Team Mates Research You get tons of feedback
  28. 28. Knowledge Explanation FlexibilityConfidence Authority Be Responsible for Your Product
  29. 29. One Thought I have Always Moving Toward World!
  30. 30. Compromise • Piss developers off! • Bugger Customers off!CURRENT You tend to target here IDEAL Here is the place you point at
  31. 31. What’s bug? Bug Triage Spec Definition User Scenario Bug fix cause bugs The behavior that is different from Spec
  32. 32. Think World from Scratch Globalization Localization World Readiness Begin with English + Japanese
  33. 33. PM in Rakuten.Inc Early Stage Industry Clever Leadership Strong Marketing and Sales Innovating Products