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Scenario: connecting virtual teams

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For more information on connecting virtual teams, visit http://mirrormirrorhub.com

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Scenario: connecting virtual teams

  1. 1. CLIENT SCENARIO Better connecting a virtual team Copyright 2017 i2i Practical Communications. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Paula is 42 and leads a team of 12 people within a global pharmaceutical company. Even though she’s busy, Paula is always ready to support and coach her team, except for the weekends – that time is strictly set aside for family. When she finds a moment to reflect however, she doesn’t feel too comfortable. Meet Paula…
  3. 3. Her team members are located across five countries. She feels they’re too busy to understand all of the changes going on in the organization – let alone adapt to them. Each staff member seems to be up to speed in their own area, but Paula realised they aren’t able to see the whole picture. How can they know each other and connect better? Her challenge…
  4. 4. Her choice … It would be impossible to get her team members together in the same place at the same time. She needed something efficient and flexible. Paula heard about Mirror Mirror as an alignment process for virtual teams and realised it would help them get to know each other and build a better shared current reality.
  5. 5. Mirror Mirror - structured, practical and immediate Improves team clarity and alignment in 3 steps:
  6. 6. Reactions from the team members… When Paula’s team went through the 1-1 interviews, they felt valued and heard… and they couldn’t wait to discover what the others were thinking and feeling. The results revealed common threads: frustration from being so disconnected, and interesting perspectives on future possibilities. The virtual dialogue sessions were lively, opening their eyes to new views and ideas, exposing the personalities and value in the team.
  7. 7. Reactions from Paula… Paula was curious too. How out-of-touch was she with what her team was thinking and feeling? Inside, she was pleased to have taken this step and wondered what would have happened without it. She saw her team start to connect better and start taking ownership for their ideas. Project teams were created, with staff opting in to the ones they liked best. Paula also came out with a long action list. The whole team had taken a big step forward.
  8. 8. www.mirrormirrorhub.com Prepares teams for success by providing clarity, alignment and momentum.