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Information Guide: Sign Boards giving Information to Driver

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Understanding each and every traffic sign is among the most important aspects for all road-users. The traffic signs communicate the basic rules and regulations of the road through simple graphics that can be understood within seconds. Also, anyone who wishes to apply for a driving license first needs to learn all the traffic signs in order to pass the theoretical examination of driving. Here, in this post, we tell you in detail about the road signs and their importance.

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Information Guide: Sign Boards giving Information to Driver

  1. 1. Information Guide- Sample Questions Q. 1). The sign represents… (1) No entry for private cars (2) Parking lot – Taxis (3) Parking for police vehicles Ans (2) Q. 2). What is Blind spot? (1) An area not seen in your rear view mirrors. (2) An area not Covered by head lights (3) An area not covered by the rear view mirror inside your vehicle. Ans (1) Q. 3) What is the main aim to the first aid? (1) To treat the injury (2) To prevent aggravating the injury and its extents (3) All of the above Ans (2)
  2. 2. Q. 4). Which is the poison gas emitted through the exhaust gas of petrol vehicle………… (1) Ammonia (2) Carbon monoxide (3) Chlorine Ans (2) Passing the Objective Exam is Compulsory for Learner Licence Don’t Fail in Your Learning Licence Exam Purchase Complete Learning Licence Exam Booklet