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Docker Overview - AWS Tech Connect - Seattle 10/28

Slide deck overviewing Docker and it's related parts (Swarm, Compose, Machine, Docker Trusted Registry, etc).

Presented in conjunction with Amazon Web Services and 2nd Watch in Seattle on October 28th.

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Docker Overview - AWS Tech Connect - Seattle 10/28

  1. 1. Docker Overivew AWS TechConnect Mike Coleman – Tech Marketing Engineer @mikegcoleman
  2. 2. Who Am I? • Technical Marketing Engineer: I’m from marketing, I’m here to help • 1st half of my career was in IT Networking admin • 2nd half of my career has been in product management marketing for Docker, Puppet Labs, VMware, and Microsoft. • Definitely more IT pro than developer, more Windows than Linux • @mikegcoleman (but mostly I tweet about Portland Timbers) 2
  3. 3. Agenda • What is “Docker” • Core Platform Components • Docker Commercial Offerings (w/ Demo) • Key Docker Use Cases
  4. 4. The Docker Mission 4 Anywhere Distributed Applications Build Ship Run
  5. 5. About Docker Open Software • 450M downloads Open Contribution • 900+ contributors Open Design Open Governance Support Docker project • Primary sponsor of Docker project • Support maintainers and tooling Commercial Products • Docker Trusted Registry • Management tools Commercial Support • Software support and maintenance • Services and education The Docker Project Docker, Inc
  6. 6. Open Container Project (OCP) Coalition of industry leaders join forces to eliminate fragmentation • Form a vendor-neutral, open source governance model under the Linux Foundation • Establish common standards for container format and runtime • Docker donated its container format, runtime and associated specifications • Appoint maintainers for the libcontainer project (Docker, Red Hat, Google) 6 http://www.opencontainers.org/
  7. 7. Establishing A Common Vocabulary Docker Image The basis of a Docker container Docker Container The standard unit in which the application service resides Docker Engine Creates, ships and runs Docker containers deployable on physical or virtual host locally, in a datacenter or cloud service provider Docker Trusted Registry Dedicated image store and distribution service deployed in your firewall
  8. 8. Docker Core Components
  9. 9. Docker Platform: More than Just Pulling and Running . . .
  10. 10. Docker Machine • Easily provision Docker hosts • Works across multiple platforms • Integrates with Swarm
  11. 11. Docker Swarm • Compatible with Docker tools • Smart container scheduling • Pluggable schedulers • Pluggable node discovery
  12. 12. Docker Compose • Save Time • Completely Self-Contained • Easily Collaborate with Others • Portability Across Environments
  13. 13. Docker Commercial Offerings
  14. 14. The Docker Commercial Solution 14 Server or Cloud Hosted Registry Supported Docker Engine Stable Secure Responsive Docker Trusted Registry Docker Hub or Commercial Offerings Management
  15. 15. Docker Trusted Registry: Server Architecture 15 Datastore Storage Drivers Admin UI Audit and Event logs Directory Services Docker Client HTTPS 443 > docker Load Balancer Registry 2X Admin Server Auth Server Log Aggregator Docker Engine Operating System Any Infrastructure Private Repos Secure in your firewall Storage Drivers Directory Integration One-Click Upgrade Audit and Event Logs Web Admin and Config HTTP 80 Capabilities
  16. 16. Tutum: SaaS-based Management for Docker 16 • Easily provision Docker hosts across multiple platforms • Deploy single containers, scalable services, and full application stacks • Manage Docker apps and infrastructure via GUI dashboard
  17. 17. Tutum Demo
  18. 18. Key Docker Use Cases
  19. 19. Continuous Integration and Delivery 19 Developer Version control 1. Development 2. Test 3. Stage / Production QA / QE Sysadmin
  20. 20. Containers as a Service Developer Sysadmin DevOps Tomcat Jenkins Oracle Deployment
  21. 21. SysAdmins DBAs Data Processing Pipelines Data Scientist $ docker Data Nodes
  22. 22. THANK YOU
  23. 23. Backup
  24. 24. Networking Transform Networking as Docker Transformed Compute • Distributed application portability • For Devs: SDN for Docker containers – Re-architected network stack with libnetwork – Consistent dev experience with Docker CLI – Multi-container networking • For Ops: Operator defined and managed network infrastructure – Multi-host networking – Plug in support from range of providers 24
  25. 25. Networking 25 Before • Inflexible • Single host • Limited to one network X • Container SDN • Distributed networking • Portable across networks • Plug ins to broad ecosystem After