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I hosted a workshop at the Peterborough Biscuit business showcase, debunking myths surrounding CRM software solutions. Discover how managing your customer data could help you increase your leads.

1. My name is Mike Basketter of CRM Insights Ltd.
2.Show of hands. Everyone put their hands up.
Keep your hand up if you are currently in a commercial function: account management, marketing, commercial, pricing, product management, sales, biz dev.

4. Show of hands. Everyone put their hands up.

Put your hand down if you know what the acronym CRM stands for.
Now, keep you hand up if you’ve ever used CRM (customer or sales database) or worked somewhere where there was a CRM approach
Keep you hand up if in your current position you currently use a CRM (system of some sort)
Keep your hand up if you believe that your current CRM solution could not be improved in some way

5. A story about a business who excels at customer service.

8. CRM is:

A philosophy and a business strategy
Supported by a system and technology
Designed to improve human interactions in a business environment

26. Booking-centric NOT customer-centric. How can we make the customer think of us first. We helped them to become customer centric.

MOT is annual, legal requirement

Opportunity to touch the car/customer again?

This is not a research exercise – talk about what we helped them to do. Don’t use abstract – add value by telling customers ahead of time

Punch above our weight (reputation / brand)

Retain customers by being front-of-mind (not just MOT)

Greater share of customer spend

Retain customers by managing capacity

27. Dilemma was: small businesses have a finite capacity for change as you probably all know – small amounts of change are ok but throw too much change at a small business and watch what happens

Direct replacement

Why I recommended Workbooks – simple and easy to query their customer data. No need to show bullets, just talk. We are one of 2 UK resellers. Voted #1 CRM system by users.

Enhanced data & querying functionality

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Mb.08feb2017.pbc crm.v1.3

  2. 2. Show of hands
  3. 3. An Admission...
  4. 4. What is CRM? Show of hands #2
  5. 5. Hyperama, Padholme Road East 07788 719504
  6. 6. Npower voted worst for customer service for fourth year running By PA/AOL Money, Jan 22, 2015
  7. 7. What is CRM?
  8. 8. What is CRM? • Philosophy
  9. 9. What is CRM? • Philosophy • Technology
  10. 10. What is CRM? • Philosophy • Technology • Business process
  11. 11. Botolph Bridge Trading Estate, Oundle Road, Woodston 01733 897727
  12. 12. Customer Communications
  13. 13. Customer Communications
  14. 14. Customer Communications
  15. 15. Sales Ledger / Payment Processing
  16. 16. Sales Ledger / Payment Processing
  17. 17. Sales Ledger / Payment Processing
  18. 18. Purchase Ledger
  19. 19. Project Costing
  20. 20. Data analysis Customer Contact Data in a system i.e. ‘retrievable’: 1,300 customers 54 email addresses 13 mobile phone numbers 73 company names 46 first names 1,030 VRMs (10% keying error rate) In other words, NOT actionable insight
  21. 21. What are the triggers.... Seasonality: MOT-related Capacity: Finite Human nature: procrastinate
  22. 22. Plan & Act + Data via API VRM check via API
  23. 23. Repository of Actionable Information
  24. 24. MOT Renewal Marketing Communications
  25. 25. MOT Renewal Marketing Communications
  26. 26. MOT Renewal Marketing Communications
  27. 27. Commercial Results Turnover increase (post-CRM cf. pre-CRM era) 33%
  28. 28. Data Results Mobile +3,592% First name +1,826% Email +420% Company +372%
  29. 29. Customer Insight email or mobile* 5%  43%
  30. 30. Reputation Anecdotally very positive
  31. 31. General implementation advice crminsights.co.uk/case-studies
  32. 32. CRM Implementation - General Advice 1 + 1 = 2
  33. 33. Product People Process Remember the 3 Ps
  34. 34. 01733 902340
  35. 35. Software trial crminsights.co.uk/workbooks
  36. 36. Questions?