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Innovation Approved

Three permission slips every business leader should sign.

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Innovation Approved

  1. 1. Permission for park bench productivity Please excuse your team from physically plugging in to this afternoon’s meeting. They have been under the 19th floor conference room’s fluorescent lights for several hours already today and could genuinely benefit from a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery. It’s 75 and sunny, that park across the street is looking mighty fine, and your team has brought their personal mobile devices to work today. Let them maximize productivity by granting permission to participate in the meeting from the park. With the right mobility management solution, you’ll be able to securely deliver and manage the Office mobile apps your team know and love. So set them free to experience the spring breeze and impress the trustees at the same time. Sincerely, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)
  2. 2. Permission not to panic Please preemptively pardon your employees for misplacing a personal mobile device containing sensitive corporate information. These things happen, which is why there is now a mobility management solution that can remotely remove corporate data and applications when a device is lost or stolen, or if suspicious activity is detected. So whether employees accidentally leave a mobile device at their child’s soccer game, lose it at a restaurant, or drop it in that awkward space between the driver’s seat and center console, business leaders and employees can rest assured knowing that corporate data will remain protected. With encryption of important files and conditional access, there’s no need to worry about data falling into the wrong hands. Everybody can remain calm and carry on. Sincerely, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)
  3. 3. Please grant your employees permission to experience a consistent and empowering mobility management solution. Your employees desire the freedom to work whenever and wherever the mood strikes, but know that past mobility management solutions put perimeters around organizations and limited users to applications hosted within your organization. They also know that multiple-point mobility products provide a disjointed experience that hampers productivity. Your employees understand the importance of keeping corporate data safe, but still envision an incredible, empowering work environment that truly grants them uncompromised freedom. An integrated, comprehensive, and cloud-based mobility management solution permits them freedom and flexibility, provides a simple and consistent user experience, and protects devices, apps, and data. Sign off on innovation, today. Permission for a rewarding user experience
  4. 4. It’s never been easier for IT organizations to redefine what’s possible. If you’ve been waiting for the right conditions to tackle security and agility in one fell swoop, there’s no better time than now. So go ahead, grant permission to innovate. Check out The Innovator’s Guide to Uncompromised Freedom to learn how. Get the eBook https://aka.ms/EnterpriseMobilityeBook
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