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A Turnkey Scalable Business

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Leverage the most successful dermatologists in the world in a work from home business that can provide you with time freedom, financial freedom, and job security. Winners of the Stevie Award in 2013 for Company of the Year in the Consumer Products category, Rodan + Fields won in a field thousands of companies. Achieving triple-digit compounded growth year over year since it's launch in 2009, Rodan + Fields has become the 4th largest premium skincare brand behind Lauder, Clinique and Lancome, proving that there is a big appetite in the marketplace for clinical skincare products that deliver results. Opportunity is knocking. I can mentor you and work with you one-on-one to help you achieve your personal goals.

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A Turnkey Scalable Business

  1. 1. [  1  ]   Redefining Business Ownership
  2. 2. [  2  ]   Partnering with Entrepreneurs to Deliver Breakthrough Skincare Solutions and Substantial Income Potential
  3. 3. [  4  ]   Convergence is Creating New Business Opportunities Source: Euromoniter 2013 Rise of the Social Commerce Breakthroughs In Skincare $3.9 Billion Spent Annually on Anti-Aging Skincare Products Shift in Power from Corporations to Individuals TRADITIONAL BUSINESS MODELS ARE CHANGING
  4. 4. [  5  ]   The Right Business Model, at the Right Time, in the Right Market Direct Sales Model with Low Cost of Entry, High Profit Potential Channel Clinically Proven Solutions That Deliver Results Products Profit Support to Monetize the Value of Your Network Established Brand That Works for You Brand Presence
  5. 5. [  6  ]   Products The information in this presentation is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical advice. Results may vary depending on the individual. Rodan + Fields® makes no guarantee as to the results you may experience.
  6. 6. [  7  ]   An Opportunity to Participate in a Multi-Billion Dollar, Growing Market 84% of Women in Their 20s Are Concerned About Aging 100% of Women Want to Look Younger than their Years Many Consumers Are Dissatisfied with Their Current Products Source: Rodan + Fields Beauty: The Impact of Aging Study, 2010 Skincare Is the #1 Defense Against the Appearance of Aging 84% of Women Feel Pressure to Look Younger
  7. 7. [  8  ]   What If ... You could turn your bathroom into a virtual skincare clinic?
  8. 8. [  9  ]   ACUTE CARE™ PERCENT OF SUBJECTS SHOWING IMPROVEMENT IN CROW’S FEET** **ACUTE CARE was used for the first four weeks with the REDEFINE Regimen and AMP MD System. In the following eight weeks, there was no return of crow’s feet when the REDEFINE Regimen and the AMP MD System continued to be used. Results may vary. REDEFINE Clinical Results* *Results may vary. REDEFINE Regimen After 8 Weeks of Use PERCENT OF PARTICIPANTS EXPERIENCING AN IMPROVEMENT AMP MD™ System After 8 Weeks of Use With the REDEFINE Regimen PERCENT OF PARTICIPANTS EXPERIENCING AN IMPROVEMENT MACRO Exfoliator™ PERCENT OF PARTICIPANTS EXPERIENCING AN IMPROVEMENT IN SKIN TEXTURE After One Use and After Four Weeks** **One-use data includes use of MACRO Exfoliator™ Cooling Gel. Four week data includes use of Cooling Gels and REDEFINE Regimen. Results may vary.
  9. 9. [  10  ]   Real Results: REDEFINE Regimen and AMP MD™ System in Four Weeks* BEFORE AFTER *Unretouched photos. Results may vary. BEFORE AFTER
  10. 10. [  11  ]   Real Results: ACUTE CARE™ with REDEFINE Regimen and AMP MD™ System over Twelve Weeks* BEFORE AFTER 4 WEEKS AFTER 12 WEEKS *ACUTE CARE was used for the first four weeks with the REDEFINE Regimen and AMP MD System. In the following eight weeks, there was no return of crow’s feet when the REDEFINE Regimen and the AMP MD System continued to be used. Unretouched photos. Results may vary.
  11. 11. [  12  ]   Real Results: REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator™ After Using the REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator ™ Once Weekly and Respective Regimen Daily* BEFORE BEFORE AFTER 2 MONTHS AFTER 2 MONTHS REDEFINE REGIMEN AFTER 3.5 MONTHS *Unretouched photos. Results may vary. REVERSE REGIMEN UNBLEMISH REGIMEN BEFORE AFTER 2 MONTHS BEFORE
  12. 12. [  13  ]   Brand Presence
  13. 13. [  14  ]   Established Brand with Significant Media Coverage MORE MEDIA COVERAGE THAN ANY OTHER DIRECT SELLING COMPANY Source: Meltwater News, US Coverage Only; Excludes Avon due to Extensive Paid Advertising PRINT TELEVISION WEB
  14. 14. [  15  ]   Social Media Buzz Example Of Weekly Social Snapshot – August 28, 2013 – September 09, 2013
  15. 15. [  16  ]   People Are Taking Notice The Direct Selling Association Awarded R+F four Ethos Awards in 2013, including the Vision for Tomorrow Award. The American Business Awards Awarded Gold for Consumer Product Company of the Year. Ernst & Young Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields were finalists for Northern California Entrepreneurs of the Year. The San Francisco Business Times Recognized R+F as the 24th fastest growing company in the Bay Area in 2013. Media Impressions Over 70 million media impressions in 2013 alone.
  16. 16. [  17  ]   Channel
  17. 17. [  18  ]   Our Direct Sales Model Focuses on Where the Power Resides A LEADING CLINICAL SKINCARE LINE in Prestige Department Stores 2007 RETAILSALES 2014 DIRECTSALES INDIVIDUALS BUILDING SKINCARE BUSINESSES Producing Volume Which Far Exceeds Our Retail Presence
  18. 18. [  19  ]   A Unique Model LOW Cost of Entry £  Leverage Your Network £  Share the Product £  Scale Efficiently and Quickly £  No Product Inventory HIGH Profit Potential £  Recoup Your Start-Up Costs in the First Month £  Long-Term Residual Income £  Unlimited Earning Potential
  19. 19. [  20  ]   Leverage the Exponential Value of YOUR Network YOU £  Multiple “Generations” of Connections Drives Incremental Opportunities £  Technology Enables Leverage, Speed and Duplication £  Multiple Sources of Income: Sales and Commissions
  20. 20. [  21  ]   Proven, Turnkey Business Support Customer Care Email and Phone Access to Registered Nurses with Dermatology Experience Sophisticated “Prescription” Tools and Guidelines for Determining Skincare Needs Assessment Tools Ongoing Skincare and Award-Winning Business Education From Leaders in the Field Training
  21. 21. [  22  ]   Building Your Business Anytime, Anywhere Pulse Mobile R+F Catalog Mentors Magazine Solution Tool MACRO E App R+F Biz Op
  22. 22. [  23  ]   A Business Opportunity for People with Diverse Backgrounds Stay-at-Home Mother and Wife of Former Major League Baseball Player Country Music Writer | Corporate Chief Financial Officer | Aesthetician Elementary School Teacher | Luxury Real Estate Agent | Attorney | Architect Home-Schooling Mom | Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Beauty Industry Marketing Executive | General Contractor / Builder Former Professional Figure Skater | Public Relations Executive | Artist and Entrepreneur | Commercial Real Estate Broker  | Corporate Sales Trainer
  23. 23. [  24  ]   Profit
  24. 24. [  25  ]   Start Your Own Business Today BIG BUSINESS LAUNCH KIT $695 Also available: $395 Personal Results Kit and the $45 Business Portfolio. Kit contents subject to change. RFX EXPRESS BUSINESS KIT $995 It Takes Just Minutes to Get Started VALUED AT OVER $1,900
  25. 25. [  26  ]   On-the-Go Pack Includes: NEW Flipbook with REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ “before and afters”
  26. 26. [  27  ]   Immediate Rewards Offers you the opportunity to earn an immediate return and more on your initial start-up cost. Fast Start Program Plus, achieve the iStart Program for the opportunity to earn a new iPad.
  27. 27. [  28  ]   Road to RFX
  28. 28. [  29  ]   Redefining Business Ownership Disclaimer: The information on this presentation has been provided by a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant.  Rodan & Fields, LLC makes no guarantee as to the amount of income, if any, that Consultants participating in the business opportunity will generate.  Each Consultant’s business results may vary. For statistical information regarding Consultant earnings, please see the Rodan + Fields Income Disclosure Statement on our website: www.rodanandfields.com/images/Archives/RF-Income-Disclosure-Statement.pdf