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0800z Royalty Finance Invitation

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For investors: Up to 400% Return possible through Royalty Lending.

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0800z Royalty Finance Invitation

  1. 1. ROYALTY LENDING: MAXIMUM RETURN 400% Invitation to participate
  3. 3. PART1: BUSINESS OUTLINE IN GOOD FAITH The directors of 0800z Limited have prepared the information in the business outline in good faith. However, the company and all its respective officers, agents and employees make no representation or warranty (express or implied) nor shall they have any responsibility or liability in respect of: statements and information given in the outline, or subsequently made available to the recipient, or for any omissions. Recipients of the business outline must rely only on those representations, warranties and undertakings contained in the actual loan agreement with 0800z Limited. Recipients of the business outline are recommended to seek their own financial advice and to conduct their own analysis and investigation of the company and contents of the business outline. 0800z LIMITED Registered in England: 6476346
  4. 4. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 5 100MILLION REASONSFORUS 100 MILLION ASSISTANCE TYPE POLICIES PURCHASED ANNUALLY Roadside Rescue 29m Annual Travel 20m Mobile Phone 7.2m Legal Expenses 4.8m Source: Mintel Home Emergency 14m Boiler Cover 10m Extended Warranty 15m Source: Industry For everyday emergencies like Roadside Rescue, Boiler Breakdown, Lost Mobile, Missed Flights etc, people currently buy separate assistance policies. Then, when someone's day goes wrong, they end up looking for policy documents, phone numbers and the right people.
  5. 5. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 7 123-5-789 makes a Z-shape on a key-pad UNIQUE NEW SERVICE For every kind of emergency assistance: One policy. One network. One number.
  6. 6. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 9 TOTAL ASSISTANCEWhatever the problem, 0800z will have people ready to save the day. Members won't have to pay for repairs, parts or call-out-fees. 0800z will take care of everything. Roadside rescue | Domestic response | Live IT help | Assistance abroad | Legal help | Phone replacement | And a whole lot more
  7. 7. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 11 NOWIS THETIME We’ve had the credit crunch, housing crisis, food scares, job losses, terrorism and weird weather. Uncertainty is a background stress. Society has a sense that anything could happen to anybody. In the early 2000s is was: Live for Today. Now it’s: Worry About Tomorrow. CRITICAL MASS IS HERE 36m holidays abroad 45m mobile phone owners 49m bank current account holders 29m car owners 7m homeowners, 9m pensioners with private income 5m SME’s 1.5m Landlords NEWORKS EXIST The products and services we are offering are all proven and already exist. There’s no need to re-invent anything – just re-package and deliver in a better way. PROVEN FIRST CALL The Z-shape has already been proven to aid brand recall. The device allows us to be contacted at the time of need. No need for Google or a phone number search. The consumer can access us instantly. OFCOM 2015 RULING From June 2015 all mobile calls to 0800 numbers will be free. All mobile service providers will have to comply. There will be news stories and Ofcom publicity about 0800 numbers that we will take advantage of. UNIQUE There is no similar specialist brand proposition currently marketed direct to consumer. NOWHERE TO TURN People are living longer and cities are growing bigger. There's a general breakdown of community and informal support networks. People feel more isolated and uncertain about where to turn in times of crisis. DISTRUST OF THE INSTITUTIONS Utility companies and banks provide some insured help services but there is increasing distrust of these institutions. Mis-selling, lack of transparency, year-on-year complaints increases and lack of choice are making people resent the banks, insurance companies and energy suppliers they feel forced to deal with.
  8. 8. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 13 NETWORK IS READY ASSISTANCE PROVIDERS The insurance products and the assistance networks already exist. We link them all together under strict service-level agreements. THE HUB Our hub will be run by a world-leader in process systems. HUMANS All adults. All in the UK. All helpful. TECHNOLOGY All robust, tried and trusted systems. APPROVAL Member ratings keep providers on their toes. SMART TELECOMS An innovative system, already tested and in place.Our call-centre and service-hub providers are ready. All the assistance-providers are in place. Together, they will create one really big, really helpful network.
  9. 9. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 15 VIDEO EVIDENCE PILOT TEST RESULT Industry standard cost per enquiry: £7 Pilot test cost per enquiry: £1.80 One of the keys to the success of 0800z will be our memorable brand-device. To prove its power, we ran an advertising pilot test. The TV commercial we ran was for general insurance. That way we measured memorability of the brand, not the proposition or offer. Watch the TV advert once and you’ll see why this idea is so effective. Search YouTube: 0800z national cost 4,257 impacts to get each call. £14 per call. test region cost 561 impacts to get each call. £1.80 per call.
  10. 10. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 17 TEAMThe principals’ combined experience and expertise encompass critical aspects of the business. A core of established suppliers will help to bring the network alive. XL TELECOM LIMITED XL Telecom uses smart technology to provide innovative solutions and services of outstanding quality, enabling it to be the market leader in high quality telecoms. Our innovation will enable 0800z to approach consumer interactions in a way that has not been done before. Together with 0800z, we believe that we will develop systems and processes that will become industry benchmarks. NICHOLAS MUTTON CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER CGI Providing end-to-end IT and business process services. With 68,000 professionals in 40 countries they have delivered award-winning systems in public and commercial sectors including financial services, telecoms and media. UK consumer financial services are about to undergo a revolution driven by technology. In workshops with the 0800z team it became evident that CGI has the capability to play a pivotal role in the success of a new force in UK consumer insurance. NEIL SADLER VICE PRESIDENT HEAD OF INSURANCE STRATEGIC INSURANCE SERVICES Insurance solutions for individuals and companies worldwide. Based in the heart of the City of London, Strategic is dynamic, innovative and very experienced. The 0800z team are consumer focussed. They have a fine understanding of what the market really wants. We look forward to helping them deliver neat, no-nonsense solutions. TIM SNOWBALL CHAIRMAN AND FOUNDER MARTIN ROWAN Previously founded Home Assistance UK Limited, a successful joint venture with British Gas. Also a UK expert on FCA regulation. JANE LOWTHER Created the UK’s first online concierge service. Her career in customer-care team leadership includes creating a new, customer-focussed culture for Barclays Mercantile. MICHAEL KAPLAN Founder of 0800z. Twenty five years in brand advertising, creating properties for brands such as Philips, Volkswagen, Pepsico, and Barclaycard.
  11. 11. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 19 UNIQUE 0800z is difficult to imitate because any credible total-assistance service needs a super-memorable number – and that’s a difficult thing to invent. No other 0800 number can be expressed as a simple shape on a keypad. This is due to the way Ofcom has issued numbers. You will always remember the Z-shape. Zat is how you know it is great. WHY THE ZEBRA? If you don’t know why the Zebra is here, you haven’t watched the advert from the pilot test. You really should see it.
  12. 12. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 21 WE’RE CONFIDENT Even if we only penetrate 0.2% of the assistance market we will achieve commercial success. And there is no other total-assistance service like ours in the UK. ASSISTANCE TYPE POLICIES BOUGHT ANNUALLY IN THE UK 100,000,000 0800z TARGET 200,000
  13. 13. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 23 DONATING We are here to help. And having a memorable phone number is a great help to anyone running a donation drive. We are setting up a automated phone donation system. It will be offered to all UK charities and will be operated by us on a not-for-profit basis. Our application is with the Charity Commission IT’S 0800z. IT GET’S INSIDE YOUR HEAD. Even more when you use it more.
  14. 14. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 25 I QUICKLYSAID:I’MIN When I first sat down with Michael and Jane to discuss 0800z, I felt excited. I could see that, given my experience, I could make their good idea even better. For 20 years I have been in the Home Emergency sector. In fact, I was involved in developing much of the UK sector that exists today. I have worked with almost every major insurer to help them create Home Emergency offerings, make them more efficient, more competitive and more profitable. More than once, I found myself employed by someone who wanted to compete with a product I created for someone else. I also created several Assistance Services from scratch - to be targeted at consumers under the names of existing brands. A notable example is the Home Assistance service for British Gas which is now a significant part of their customer proposition. The years of working in just one sector have made me a true specialist. Now, the opportunity to create a new brand based on something I know well, obviously fills me with confidence. The key 0800z requirements are already like part of my everyday routine – creating repairer networks, managing supplier performance and ensuring regulatory standards are adhered to. Today, in the UK, almost every driver has breakdown cover, homeowners increasingly hold policies for emergencies like boiler breakdown and burst pipes, gadget insurance is growing fast and travel insurance is viewed almost as a necessity. We have a mature market. It's ready for innovation. A new entrant can make an impact if their offer is compelling. We have given a great deal attention to ensuring that the 0800z service will be market-leading in terms of the cover, price and the service our Members will experience. 0800z is the innovator that will shake the assistance market and become a leading player. There are more than one hundred million of such policies arranged in the UK every year – a very large market. Our initial business target is to attract 200,000 members per year. Given what I know of the market I am sure we will quickly exceed that modest target.
  15. 15. PART2: INVITATION TOTHE ROYALTY LENDING SCHEMETo secure working capital, 0800z is raising funds through its own Royalty Lending Scheme. There is limited availabilty, so if you would like to participate, don’t delay. REGULATORY POSITION The regulatory status of the 0800z Royalty Lending Scheme and of the offering of the Scheme to lenders: Through its own UK website, 0800z Limited (as principal) is soliciting loans from lenders. Loans to 0800z are exempt from regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the provisions of Article 34 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 (RAO) which provides that corporate bodies do not require regulation to arrange their own finance. Loans entered into through the 0800z website are principal-to-principal agreements which are not regulated under the RAO. Anyone making a loan directly to 0800z Limited is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), and is not entitled to redress from the Financial Ombudsman. 0800z LIMTED Registered in England: 6476346
  16. 16. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 29 0800zROYALTY LENDINGBASICS ROYALTIES PAID ANNUALLY When a consumer has been an 0800z member for twelve months a Royalty is due. In our launch year, more people will join towards the end of the year. So the first accumulated Royalties will be paid at the end of Year-2. All following Royalties will be paid annually. FIVE YEAR FORECAST This is not a fixed-term loan. The loan is repaid when 0800z sells its one millionth consumer membership. We forecast that our millionth member will join in 2020 - within five years of our launch, which is scheduled for Spring 2016. MONITORING Royalty Slice holders will receive a pre-launch pack and regular updates on performance and membership numbers. LIMITED SLICES There are only 1,500 Slices, which must be subscribed for by February 28th 2016. A lender makes a loan to 0800z. Instead of earning interest, the lender earns Royalties. Royalties are earned every time 0800z sells a new consumer membership. LOAN SIZE Loans are in units of £1,000 - called Royalty Slices. You may subscribe for as many Royalty Slices as you like. There are only 1,500 Slices available. MAXIMUM RETURN 400% Every time 0800z sells a new consumer membership a Royalty Slice earns 0.5p – until 0800z admits its one millionth member. So a Slice earns a maximum of 0.5p multiplied by One Million - £5,000 - the same as the original £1,000 loan + £4,000.
  17. 17. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 31 WHYWE LIKE ROYALTIES For the Company, this Royalty Loan is more expensive than a fixed-interest loan would be. However, with the Royalty Loan the Company’s outgoings are in line with sales. The cost of Royalty Payments are accounted for in the price of membership, so cash-flow is easier to manage. During the early years, the shareholders accept less profit while the Royalty Slice Holders reap the rewards. After lenders have been repaid and earned a 400% return, the company is free of the debt. Also, because the scheme is from a genuine commercial business, raising finance through borrowing, it is not subject to UK financial regulation and is accessible to a wide range of lenders.
  18. 18. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 33 0800z ROYALTY LENDING RISKS UNSECURED LOAN In legal terms, these Royalty Slices are unsecured loans to 0800z. SUBORDINATED LOAN In order to protect consumers (our members) the FCA requires that all such loans must be subordinated. In other words, in the event of our insolvency your position as a creditor would be below that of an 0800z member or customer. ILLIQUID Royalty Slices are not listed or traded on any stock market or exchange. There is no secondary market for Royalty Slices. NON-TRANSFERRABLE Royalty Slices are not transferable, other than at the discretion of the Board of 0800z. NO OTHER FORM OF RETURN Other than the Royalties on new membership, there is no obligation on 0800z to provide any other form of return on Royalty Slices. REPAYMENT OF LOAN CAPITAL DEFERRED 0800z is not obliged to repay capital loaned under the Scheme until the date of admission of the one millionth consumer member. UNDERPERFORMANCE The maximum return is a refund of the original investment + 400%. It might take longer than the 5 years forecasted or we may even never reach 1m members. For example, if 0800z underperformed by 60% you would only double your money. NO ACCESS TO THE FINANCIAL SERVICES COMPENSATION SCHEME If 0800z ceases trading you have no right to make a claim to the FSCS. EFFECT OF EXTERNAL ECONOMIC FACTORS You should consider the effect on your loan of inflation and of interest rates. Both are currently at historic lows, but this may not continue. Before making a decision, think about whether 0800z Royalty Lending is right for you. Don't lend more than you can afford and be conscious that there is a risk that you could lose your entire loan. We also draw your attention to these other risks. They are not necessarily all the risks associated with lending this way and are not listed in any particular order.
  19. 19. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 35 MONIES HELD IN ESCROW All transfers of funds by Lenders for the purpose of extending loans (Royalty Slices) will be held in Escrow by the regulated payment processor until 1,500 Royalty Slices have been subscribed for. If 1,500 Slices are not taken up by 28th February 2016 all funds will be returned to lenders, less a modest processor fee for reasonable administration. REGULATED PAYMENT PROCESSOR All payments will be processed by and all funds will be held in Escrow by GCEN who are regulated by the FCA as an authorised payment institution. REGULATION BY THE FCA As a provider of insurance products, 0800z will be regulated by the FCA. This does not mean that the FCA is in any way responsible for scrutiny of the Royalty Loan Scheme, but it does mean that significant aspects of the day to day business of 0800z will be subject to UK financial regulation. AUDIT 0800z will be required to make an annual audit. It will show how many new members have joined and the amounts payable to each Royalty Slice Holder. The audit will be conducted by Leaman Mattei Limited who are Recognised Auditors authorised and regulated by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. LEGAL ADVISORS The terms and conditions of this offer have been drawn up by Howard Kennedy LLP who are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING SAFE- GUARDS
  20. 20. 0800z ROYALTY LENDING 37 MOREINFORMATION WE CAN’T CHANGE THE AGREEMENT The amount of the Royalty payment cannot be varied or cancelled by the board of 0800z or anyone else. The Royalty Loan Agreement is a legal undertaking by 0800z Limited. YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE AGREEMENT After you have your Royalty Slices, your money is committed. The Board of 0800z will consider requests for the surrender of Royalty Slices on a case-by-case basis. HOW AND WHEN ROYALTIES WILL BE PAID The Royalty will be paid directly into the nominated bank account of the lender. The Royalty Years are counted from when the first consumer member joins. A message will go out to all Royalty Slice Lenders as soon as the counter starts running. You will receive your first payment at the end of the second Royalty Year and thereafter annually until the admission of our one millionth member. TAX POSITION Royalty Slices are loans. Under UK tax laws the final repayment, equal to the initial loan, will be a repayment of capital and is tax free. Royalty payments are treated as income by HMRC. This is the position of a typical UK-resident tax-paying individual. Tax rates, practices and procedures are subject to change and you should always consider taking professional tax advice before making a loan of this nature. FROM OUTSIDE THE UK This scheme is directed at residents of the United Kingdom. If you are not a UK resident it is entirely your responsibility to satisfy yourself that it is legal for you to make a loan to 0800z from your jurisdiction. If you proceed to apply for Royalty Slices, we take that application as your assurance that you are resident for tax purposes in the United Kingdom or that you have clarified that it is legal for you to make a loan to 0800z from your jurisdiction. IN SOMEONE ELSE’S NAME You can register your Royalty Slices to another person and the proceeds will be paid to them. On the application, fill in the name of the Royalty Slice holder. We will make contact with the named holder as soon as the agreement is submitted. IF 0800z REQUIRES FURTHER INVESTMENT If the Board decides that another injection of capital is needed that would not dilute the rights of lenders to be paid their annual royalties. Further arrangements may be structured as Royalty Lending and existing Royalty Slice Holders will of course be welcome to participate. ANY QUESTIONS? If you have a question, please use our website contact page to reach us and we'll respond as quickly as we can. Please note that, as we are not regulated, we cannot provide you with advice as to the merits of participation in the Royalty Scheme, nor afford you any legal, tax or financial advice.
  21. 21. 0800z Limited, First Floor 47-57 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2N. Registered in England: 6476346 GET YOUR SLICE CLICK HERE